Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Jian Fang, Xu Xu Zheng, Wei Qin Hu, Yu Shen

Abstract: ADDIE instructional design is a systematic approach for course development and instructional activities. It consists of analyzing the...

Authors: Xue Sheng Zhang, Xing Wei Guo

Abstract: As the typical number of traditional national sport event, Chinese wushu (Chinese martial art)has always been one of the most important...

Authors: Jin Yu Song, Shu Sen Sun

Abstract: As an intersection field of art and technology, digital media needs the inter-disciplinary talents who are good at art and computer...

Authors: Xi Qin Wen, Xi Jie Ding

Abstract: This paper introduces construction situation of teaching/training integration "networked designing and manufacturing" laboratory by using...

Authors: Xi Qin Wen, Dong Jing Wang

Abstract: For the sake of upgrading students’ skills, this article interprets respectively the specific application of modern educational technologies...

Authors: Hong Sun

Abstract: On elaborating the basis of teaching advantages of applying network technology in institutions of higher learning, the course teaching...

Authors: Xu Hong Gao, Qin Shi

Abstract: Along with the in-depth development of higher education and teaching reform in China, multimedia technology has been widely applied in...

Authors: Shou Bing Xiang, Jie Guo, Bo Zhong Ben, Guangwe Luo, Zhong Wei

Abstract: With in-depth analysis of the 1221 talent training model and the case study of the major of electronic...

Authors: Xiao Hui Hu, Xuan Chang Zhou, Yang Yang

Abstract: The Analog IC design is one of the most important specialized courses in speciality of Electronics Science and Technology. This essay...

Authors: Xiao Hui Hu, Xuan Chang Zhou, Guo Qiang Hang

Abstract: On the basis of positioning the specialty of Electronic Science and Technology of independent college, the cultivating target is locked on,...


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