Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jie Lin Fan, Xi Ong Kun

Abstract: Multimedia technology is widely used in education due to the reform of educational informationization. This paper reviews the...

Authors: Gang Zhang, Jian Yin, Liang Lun Cheng, Chun Ru Wang

Abstract: Teaching quality is a key metric in college teaching effect and ability evaluation. In many previous literatures, evaluation of such metric...

Authors: Xiao Zhang, Ze Zhong Tian, Zhi Guo Liu

Abstract: Introduced the teaching of medical informatics at home and abroad, analyzed the significance of medical informatics studied in medical...

Authors: Jian Zhu Bo, Shao Qing Yang, Zhi Guo Liu

Abstract: With the coming of 21 century ,the need of developing multimedia courseware in psychological health education of college students arises...

Authors: Jia Rong Huang, Dong Feng Yan, Fang Guo, Xiao Xu He

Abstract: Forestry informationization is an important part of Forestry ecological construction, which needs a large number of high-level mastery of...

Authors: Guang Qin Gao

Abstract: In order to make students master the basic knowledge of chemistry and skills and learn from the chemical perspective to observe things,...

Authors: San’ao Xia

Abstract: . With the rapid development of information technology and the popularization of the Internet, the modern educational technology represented...

Authors: Xu Fu Peng

Abstract: With IT technology changing and update social requirement for the talents, how to cultivate qualified talents becomes the modern concern to...

Authors: Yi Chen, Yue Peng

Abstract: Polymer material science is a discipline full of vitality which has developed rapidly and improved people's lives greatly. As the basis of...

Authors: Di Liang, Li Li Wang

Abstract: This paper is concerned with teaching system construction of “systems engineering” curriculum according to the characteristics and...


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