Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Jun Guo, Yu Hua Guo

Abstract: A suit of teaching exercises courseware of physics and chemistry of polymers is introduced, the characteristic of physics and chemistry of...

Authors: Nan Jiang, Yi Xin Hua, Hong Jie Zhou, Jin Hua Xiong

Abstract: This paper pointed out information resource construction of cartography teaching is the guarantee of improving teaching quality, is the...

Authors: Chuan Gang Zhao

Abstract: Large margin GMMs have many parallels to large margin nearest neighbors (LMNN), but with classes modeled by ellipsoids instead of each input...

Authors: Xue Mei Lu

Abstract: “The mean thought” is a positive and mature thought of Confucius’s thoughts. It is a moderate thought which means “going too far is as bad...

Authors: Guang Zheng Li, Xu Ling Hu

Abstract: In order to ease the contradiction between the more and more need with each passing day of seafarers in the talented-person service market...

Authors: Shuo Zhang, Geng Xin, Yang Yun, Zou Bin, Li Ang Jian, Chun Lan Xue

Abstract: The application of experimental audio-visual materials is an effective form of electrical multi-media teaching assistant of experimental...

Authors: Chun Lan Xue, Geng Xin, Hai Yan Cao, Zhang Yi, Shuo Zhang, Wu Naili

Abstract: Higher education is the key point of the promotion in the development of knowledge economy as well as the enhancement of comprehensive...

Authors: Qian Qi

Abstract: During the teaching of automatic control principle, though both teachers and students realize the importance of the innovation, they are...

Authors: Ming Fei Xia, Yu Ming Bo, Shi You Fan

Abstract: Development maintenance training for electronic equipment is the important way to solve the difficult of electronic equipment maintenance...

Authors: Zhang Xiaoli

Abstract: The study of Computer Fundamental Experiment teaching model based on Moodle is to use Collaborative Knowledge Building idea into experiment...


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