Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Qing Geng, Tong Zheng, Yan Bian, Shu Yan Ren, Hong Wei Li

Abstract: With the rapid development of computers and aggravation of competitiveness in employment, the course content system of Microcomputer...

Authors: Jie Liu, En Ze Zhou, Yun Feng He, Xiao Jun Li

Abstract: Because the cold storage refrigeration system has a the characteristics of large time delay, inertia and parameter variety , and...

Authors: Jie Liu, Wei Qi, Chun Zi Liu, Xiu Zhen Zhang

Abstract: With the social reform and economy development, both laid-off and employment of university students become the more important social...

Authors: Zheng Yang

Abstract: The research will aim to establish a new method for teaching of Managerial economics. we encourage to attach importance to mathematics and...

Authors: D.Y. Sun

Abstract: This paper uses the technical of the VPD (Virtual Product Design) with the parallel coordination design, and the problem with the tradition...

Authors: D.Y. Sun

Abstract: The existing multimedia classroom vision environment is researched in this paper with the study, the analysis and the research, and the...

Authors: Wang Lei, Wang Cheng Yi, Nian De Jiang, Jiang Hui Fu

Abstract: Innovative practical ability is one of the most important abilities during cultivation of the applied talents. Encouraging students to...

Authors: Jian Cheng Yang, Xiu Ming Jiang, Ze Xu Zhou, Dan Dan Li, Guan Zhu Wang, Teng Teng

Abstract: The major of advanced textile mechanical design and automation is a characteristic profession of School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin...

Authors: Zhong Chao Yang, Zhi Hong Zhang

Abstract: Graduation practice is an important teaching step for the cultivation of engineering majors’ practical competences and their abilities to...

Authors: Li Jian Yu, Wei Qing Mao

Abstract: ERP (enterprise resource planning) is a logistics management course, which is very important for ERP course and the characteristics of...


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