Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Jian Yu, Yi Ding

Abstract: The paper studied the differentiation of the logistics education between China and abroad from the aspects of curriculum, training mode,...

Authors: Bao Feng Zhang, Yan Xiong

Abstract: From the analysis of college physical education challenging, based on the design theroy of the video of feedback system and the analysis of...

Authors: Guang Qun Zhang, Hang Jun Wang, Feng Ya Xu

Abstract: The animation industry, a creative industry, known as the most development potential sunrise industry in the 21st century, will become the...

Authors: Hua Wang

Abstract: This paper discusses the development of “Double-qualified” teachers, and put forward several proposals to draw on the existing experience....

Authors: Wo Yun Long

Abstract: China is a big agricultural country, and training qualified agricultural talents relates to long-term development of our country. College...

Authors: Hui Lu, Hong Chen, Yong Yin, Jie Yong Wang

Abstract: How to build Teaching Competency in response to the challenges caused by Network and Management Courses. This study designs questionnaires...

Authors: Qiu Ling Zhang, Jia Rong Huang

Abstract: Forest management is the core task of the forestry development which urgently needs the support of Geography Information System (GIS)...

Authors: Jing Hua Tian, Jun Wang

Abstract: Networks Management is a practical curriculum which is mainly aimed to train students to manage and maintain the networks of enterprises...

Authors: Liang Peng, Xin Han Huang

Abstract: Three-dimension scene simulation technology of virtual environment maybe widely applied in many fields such as virtual battlefield, tourist...

Authors: Yan He

Abstract: To secure the information systems and safeguard the personal and social data, experts engaged in the IT security departments should be...


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