Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Zhang, Yan Tang Zhang, Xiao Yan Wang, Cheng Cheng

Abstract: The purpose of this article is to explore the ways of cultivating the practical ability of undergraduate students majoring in medical...

Authors: Gan Ning Zeng, Fang Wang, Ning Ai, Jiang Nan Shen

Abstract: Taking “Introduction to Oceanography” as an example, which is the basic course and opened in the colleges covering the major of marine...

Authors: Jin Yan Hu, Zhong Xia Liu, Zhang Sujun, Li Qiang Yin, Jian Heng Lu, Yuan Yuan Li

Abstract: Education informationization of primary and junior school is the foundation and conditions for achieving the education modernization, It is...

Authors: Jin Yan Hu, Hong Yu Feng, Jian Heng Lu, Yuan Yuan Li, Yan Cui Li, Li Li Zhang

Abstract: For children, learning and life in virtual worlds are related to the real world. In the traditional research on education, we have...

Authors: Hui Li, Heng Jian Tong, Xiao Kui Li

Abstract: Practice capability is very important for computer subject. Software design and development capability of student is directly related to the...

Authors: Heng Jian Tong, Hui Li, Xiao Kui Li, Ye Yan

Abstract: The software industry is the core of information industry. It is an important foundation for the country's economic development and national...

Authors: Ya Juan Zhang, Quan Lub Zheng, Quan Lu Zheng

Abstract: As the application of computer system is becoming more and more popular with the development of computer science and technology, the...

Authors: Hong Bo Wei

Abstract: In order to improve the effects of classroom teaching and experiment teaching, a viewpoint that combines the software with hardware is...

Authors: Ying Qing Wu

Abstract: Research capacity of an engineering graduate student is significant guarantee and support for national science and technology development....

Authors: Ying Qing Wu, Ting Zhang Liu, Shen Jing Jie

Abstract: LED light source are increasingly concerned because of its low power consumption, long service life. However, key technology of LED lighting...


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