Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Er Ping Zhao, Xiao Bing Jia

Abstract: Soil Mechanics is a very important fundamental course for the students majoring in Civil Engineering and Water Conservancy and...

Authors: Su Rui Li, Yan Ping Bi, He Yun Zhao

Abstract: A Questionnaire Investigation of CAI on College Physics was carried out in 23 higher education institutes of Henan Province and the findings...

Authors: Zhi Hong Zhang, Cheng Shun Xu

Abstract: The soil mechanic course acts as a professional basic course of civil engineering. In recent years, we have made a better teaching effect by...

Authors: Mao Sheng Wu, Xi Meng Wu, Wen Juan Liu

Abstract: Because of its advantages of small size, light weight, powerful etc., the single chip microcomputer(sometimes called “SCM”,...

Authors: Wei Zheng Ren, Ying Gao, Yan Song Cui

Abstract: A kind of cooperative lesson preparation mode for electronic experimental teaching was put forward in this paper aimed at solving some...

Authors: Wen Can Jiang, Yang Yang Nian, Ling Zhu, Miao Mei, Zhi Wen Xu, Wan Zhu Guo

Abstract: The glycoprotein H(gH) gene homologue of pseudorabies virus wild strain SL(PRV-SL) was cloned by degenerate polymerase chain reaction (PCR)...

Authors: Qin Jing, Xu Gang Wang

Abstract: On the present situation of the metalworking practice, gives some suggestions to the reform of teaching mode and optimize the content, in...

Authors: Ming Liu

Abstract: Instead of traditional mechanical tape , A new type digital broadcast system on passenger train is introduced, It adopt the microcontroller...

Authors: Zhe Nie

Abstract: The network curriculum is an important component of the omni-directional course resource construction. The key of the omni-directional...

Authors: Heng Yang Liu, Ling Lu

Abstract: This article first introduce the importance of C++ language in the course of object-oriented, and the teaching mode before. Aim at the...


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