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Authors: Ou Tao, Yan Ling Zhang, Yun Wang, Yan Jiang Qiao
Abstract: Virtual simulation technology plays an important role in educational engineering. The limitation of enough Chinese herbal medicines and instrument obscured the better understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In this paper, the concept of virtual simulation technology and its application was outlined in the teaching of TCM theory and experiments. The superiority and insufficiency of this technology was also approached. The basic idea on building a virtual teaching and simulation platform for TCM was discussed, which may provide referred methods in the innovation of Chinese medicine teaching.
Authors: Ji Chun Zhao, Jian Xin Guo, Jing Gong, Su Fen Sun, Jun Feng Zhang
Abstract: The platform of rural distance learning is an interactive tool used to farmers for the video training, interactive consulting, teaching and management with the features of resource integration, safe, and reliable. The platform was dual-network transmission structure via the Internet and E-government network, covering all the Beijing’s towns and villages, which is applied media asset management technology to build a municipal teaching resource library. The problems of the platform are solved such as complex network for rural areas, limited bandwidth resources and diverse user needs base on in-depth study of distance learning key technologies. The system was easy to deploy, highly scalable, and low cost operation. It is for farmers learning modern agricultural technology to provide a strong support.
Authors: Yong Zhi Zhu
Abstract: This paper introduces methods of fabric weave design, color combination effect drawing, vertically and horizontally sectional drawings of fabric weave by using Excel, and the graph manipulation and movement addition conducted in PPT, both of which realize the animation demonstration of diagram drawing procedure in PPT courseware.
Authors: Yong Zhi Zhu
Abstract: This paper, according to the features of occupation-oriented course concept and project course, puts forward the technological process of project course design, elaborates the course setting, allocation and objectives, and discusses the implementation process, contents and standards of the overall course design.
Authors: Yu Huan Cui
Abstract: In the education of higher vocational school, the effect of intelligence factors is no longer important-most students have the similar level of intelligence, and the prominent effect is the nonintellectual factor. In the nonintellectual factors, character and emotion and other factors can weaken its effect function by students’ self allocation, however, the effect of study motivation and study attitude on study interest are playing a more and more important role. Put forward suggestions for cultivating the study interest of higher vocational students on the basis of education incentive theory.
Authors: Yu Huan Cui, Yuan Yuan Zhu
Abstract: This paper, through the investigation of study psychological problems of university students, utilizes the data statistic analysis of SPSS17.0、 EXCEL(Office 2003 edition), compares the similarities and differences of study interest between undergraduate students and high vocational students, and throws out suggestions for the training and stimulation of study interest of university students according to the theories of educational psychology.
Authors: Liang Fa Xu, Fan Jun Hu
Abstract: Teachers how choose appropriate teaching methods, to improve teaching effect, is the key to carry out education for all-round development. From the practice in developing the electronic design and facture teaching process, pay attention to combine theory with practice,to exert cadets subjective initiative, adopt faculty guidance, cadets themselves seeing much, more discussion, more practice, more scheme of measures to strengthen the cultivation of their ability for cadets, so that cadets really become the study main body. Practice shows that these measures and experience to mobilize cadets' learning interest and stimulate cadet's imagination and creativity, improve the cadets' diathesis plays an important role, and which is worth teachers in teaching practice learning and marketing.
Authors: Zhong Yi Huang, Xu Xu Zheng
Abstract: The PBL model has been practiced for more than five years in the teaching of management curriculum in Chongqing Technology and Business University (CTBU). This paper presents the teaching design of the PBL model adopted at CTBU, four challenges in its practice as well as corresponding solutions to them and its implementation effect. At the last,this paper gives some suggestions on whether and how to implement PBL model among Chinese universities.
Authors: Hao Yuan, Chang Bing Li, Fang Zhang
Abstract: According to our country electronic commerce specialty education present situation, this paper analyses the present e-commerce exist problems of talent training, and based on this, puts forward the design thought of e-commerce professional training direction, and then puts forward the corresponding curriculum suggestions.
Authors: Jian Li, Ming Shun Yang
Abstract: In this paper English class is studied by introducing new ecological education concept. Starting from basic ecological theories, optimized ecological strategies and methods of classroom teaching have been studied. Through the analysis of the existing problems of the English class room teaching, new strategies have been brought forward. With a large amount of practices and deep study, a new model of Ecological English classroom teaching is built which has significant meaning in the further development of English teaching.

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