Advanced Textile Materials

Volumes 332-334

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Yan Wang, Yong Lim Choi, Yun Jia Nam

Abstract: This document he 20-25 years old female university students from Jiangsu province in China and Seoul in South Korea were chosen as the...

Authors: Wen Wang

Abstract: China is the world's largest producer of business wear, and it is also the world's largest potential consumer of business wear. Business...

Authors: Bao Yuan He, Xue Chuan Wang, Hai Yan Xue, Xiao Li Hao

Abstract: This study discussed the use of gelatin microspheres (GMSs) prepared by the inverse suspension cross-linking reaction for the removal of...

Authors: Bin Cai, Xin Wang, Xiao Li Dai, Guang Xu Yan, Shao Hui Guo

Abstract: A combined process of flocculation and Fenton oxidation was studied for the treatment of polymerization effluents (PME) from the manufacture...

Authors: Ling Sun, Hong Zhao, Xue Yang

Abstract: Based on the textile industry, the author utilized the regression analysis theory to conduct the regression analysis of wastewater reduction...

Authors: Bin Cai, Yan Xia, Guang Xu Yan, Shao Hui Guo

Abstract: Polymerization effluents (PME) from dry-spun acrylic fiber manufacturing are hard to degrade. This paper evaluated the distribution...

Authors: Ya Feng Li, Wen Tong Chen, Kai Qi

Abstract: The effect and law of photocatalytic degradation of reactive gaudy red X-3B dye were investigate and the applied process parameters were...

Authors: Sha Li, Rui Wang, Xiao Ming Qian, Zi Jun Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, it uses a manikin to test effect of wind velocity on the surface of clothing thermal resistance, and concludes that with the...

Authors: Yun Yun Xu, Tao Zhang, Zhen Rong Lin, Shan Dan Zhou, Xin Xu

Abstract: Carbon fibers combine low weight and exceptional mechanical properties,making them ideal reinforcements forpolymer composite materials. An...

Authors: Ying Ke, Yun Yi Wang, Jun Li

Abstract: An unsteady-state heat transfer numerical model of the microclimate between human skin and clothing is set up. Air-gap thickness less than...


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