Advanced Textile Materials

Volumes 332-334

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lei Zhu, Jun Li Chen, Qiu Bao Zhou, Jin Huan Zheng, Wei Guo Chen

Abstract: Protein fibers are attractive topics in the past decades. Among them, soybean protein fiber, the regenerated protein-base fiber, is very...

Authors: Yan Jiang, Ye Hong Wang, Li Jiang

Abstract: Aimed at the developing of the fashion industry in Wenzhou, comparing with the ecological reality and developing of the personnel in local...

Authors: Ling Ye Wu, Ji Huan He

Abstract: The textile with Steiner tree structure has good stability. This article studies the effect of the local destruction of the textile with...

Authors: Tian Yu Hou, Xiao Ming Qian, Li Ping Wang, Hua Wu Liu

Abstract: Cashmere yarn may be damaged in skein dyeing, resulting significant reduction of yarn strength. The factors affecting yarn strength include...

Authors: Chun Mei Wang, Jin Xin He

Abstract: Nano-ZnO sol solution was prepared by using Zn(CH3COO)2•2H2O as raw material and β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) was added into the sol, then cotton...

Authors: Dan Meng Li, Lan Ping Shen

Abstract: This paper uses the complex coacervation to prerare the thermochromic microcapsules, and the thermochromic compo site materials were wrapped...

Authors: Yu Chai Sun, Zhong Hao Cheng, Yan Mei Zhang

Abstract: Stainless fabrics are getting wider range of application because of its excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, resistance...

Authors: Xiao Kun Yu, Ke Yi Wang, Jia Zhen He, Wen Bin Zhang

Abstract: Women are increasingly concerned about the wearing comfortability and the compensatory function of the brassiere to achieve an appearance of...

Authors: Shao Qiang Zhou, Jian He Cai, Shao Wei Dong, Guo Qiang Chen

Abstract: A new-style fluorine-containing polymer with short chain was synthesized. The fabrics were finished with polymer emulsions with different...

Authors: Li Jun Cao, Zhuang Zhou

Abstract: The world economy at present has been affected by a world-wide growing price of raw-materials, increasing labor costs and trade barriers...


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