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Authors: Ke Li, Jian Fei Zhang, Qiu Jin Li
Chapter 10: Finishing Technology
Abstract:Foam dyeing and finishing is a novel approach for textile processing, which can save energy and reduce the quantity of waster water. Frother...
Authors: Ye Hu Lu, Xiao Hui Li, Jun Li, Dai Wei Wu
Chapter 10: Finishing Technology
Abstract:Various intensity heat fluxes firefighters encountered will produce thermal stress on skin, resulting in thermal pain and tissue damage. In...
Authors: Guang Yang, Zhi Jiang Cai
Chapter 10: Finishing Technology
Abstract:Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate) (P3HB-co-4HB) nanofiber membranes were papered via electrospinning from polymer solution. The...
Authors: Ming Ma, Yuan Bai, Xiao Ming Qian
Chapter 10: Finishing Technology
Abstract:This document mainly introduces the evaluation of vehicle noise, noise sources and noise control. The development of fibers used for noise...
Authors: Yang Shuai Liu, Ji Huan He
Chapter 10: Finishing Technology
Abstract:A mathematical model for a vehicle moving along a soft porous mat is established using aerodynamics and lubrication theories, and numerical...
Authors: Yan Yue Lu, An Ping Liao, Yang Dong Hu
Chapter 10: Finishing Technology
Abstract:The reverse osmosis (RO) desalination process to make multiple freshwater from seawater has been studied in this work. The optimization...
Authors: Jian Ping Shi
Chapter 10: Finishing Technology
Abstract:Nantong is a world famous town in producing cotton, It is also the hometown of fancy homespun. This paper described the inheriting...
Authors: Xiao Na Wang, Yang Xu, Qu Fu Wei, Yi Bing Cai
Chapter 10: Finishing Technology
Abstract:Poly (Lactic Acid) ultrafine fibers were obtained from melt electrospinning in the present work, using a home-made device. To study the...
Authors: Wu Tuo, Pan Zheng
Chapter 11: Pollution Control and Treatment of Dyeing & Finishing
Abstract:Due to the varying composition weaving and after-treatment technology, clothing materials with different features may exert different...
Authors: Nan Wang, Yan Mei Li
Chapter 11: Pollution Control and Treatment of Dyeing & Finishing
Abstract:From the perspective of brand designers, using "experience" as a starting point and oriented by customer’s experience demand, the background...
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