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Authors: Cai Qian Zhang, Li Qin Lou, Ju Ming Yao
Abstract: With the classical mechanics principle, fluid mechanics principle and capillary conduction theory, the six parties and four parties loosen state model of yarn were established. The conclusions as migration distance liquid in yarn vs mean velocity is inversely proportion when the liquid in capillary is free of gravity. Liquid mean velocity of four parties loosen state model is twice of the velocity of six parties’; The lager volume filling rate of yarn has less liquid conduction ability.
Authors: Hai Yan Ni, Ying Jin Gan, Jin Ti You
Abstract: In view of anti-UV of the high strength synthetic fiber hoisting belt, the researcher compared the effects on anti-ultraviolet of SCJ-966 and HTUV100,through before and after intensity test and the test of Anti-solarization performance,then comparing with tests of fiber bundle strength,the reacher analyzed the effect of anti-UV and the difference on intensity.The result shows that:two UV performance are very good, far more than the European and national standards,and the webbing performance test results show that the UV protection of SCJ-966 UV protection is better than HTUV100, but the intensity rate is the former smaller than the latter, the extent damage of hoisting belt is the latter worse than the former.
Authors: Qian Yang
Abstract: In this paper, it tests the mechanical properties of rabbit hair fibers in different temperatures and humidity. Contrast and analysis by experiment showed the temperature exerts a great influence on the tensile strain, breaking elongation, breaking force and breaking strength. In wetting condition, the tensile strain and breaking elongation increase, but the breaking force and breaking strength decrease. The rabbit hair fiber processing with too much water will make the structure easier to break and destroy.
Authors: Yang Sun
Abstract: The rapid development of science and technology shows a profound impact to the development of clothing. Medical care clothing, a special category, should also be integrated with more scientific and technological elements to make it more comfortable to wear. Medical care clothing with intelligence elements is bound to help them to be better monitored and faster recovered.

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