Environment Science and Materials Engineering

Volumes 573-574

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.573-574

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Authors: Yun Kui Tian, Xiao Xue Jin, Li Li Song

Abstract: Food coloring pollution is most widely occurred in food safety affairs in our country. The abused food additives and illegal ingredients...

Authors: Song Cui, Liang Guo, James Li, Yi Fan Li

Abstract: Due to Chinese air concentration of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) was increasingly from 2004 to 2008, and PCBs were banned in the past...

Authors: Wei Lin Shi, Ye Fei Jin, Yao Ge

Abstract: We investigated the influence of rare earth element (REE) Ce on the surface microstructure of bivalves pearl in the scaled of micro and...

Authors: Rui Chen, Lian Xi Cui

Abstract: The absorption of carbon dioxide from nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen mixture was investigated in a hollow fiber membrane module using...

Authors: Zhen Jia, Gong Zhe Chen, Cheng Yu Wang, Guo Liang Li, Xin Pu Wang

Abstract: This paper introduced common special effects of nano-CaCO3 with nanometer materials and prepared nano-CaCO3 using the raw material, CaCl2...

Authors: Huan Bao Fa, Li Ping Zhang, Wei Yin, Jing Ting Zhou, Nan Nan Xu, Hao Yu Yao, Lin Zhu

Abstract: The monocarboxyphenyl cobalt porphyrin (CoMCPP) was synthesized and incorporated into carbon carrier acetylene black (ACET) for proton...

Authors: Li Ge Wang, Fan Zhang, Yang Zhang, Long Zhou, En Ze Wang

Abstract: A new type of pellet binder was prepared with oxalic acid as sodium silicate chemical modification agent in this paper, the compressive...

Authors: Jin Sheng Liu

Abstract: The extraction characteristics of Thorium nuclide play a decisive role in Thorium migration in groundwater and soil. This paper takes a set...

Authors: Shu Qiong Kong, Yan Xin Wang, Xiao Wu Huang, Cheng Wang

Abstract: Experiments were performed to investigate the As(III) and As(Ⅴ) removal on manganese dioxide. 0.5 grams of manganese dioxide was reacted at...


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