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Authors: Yun Kui Tian, Xiao Xue Jin, Li Li Song
Abstract: Food coloring pollution is most widely occurred in food safety affairs in our country. The abused food additives and illegal ingredients belong to industrial dyes or chemical bleaching agents, which have chemical pollutions to the food and affect health. This paper introduces the compositions, structures, and industrial use of these illegal ingredients and the possibly illegal ingredient-added kinds of food as well as the harms done to body health.
Authors: Song Cui, Liang Guo, James Li, Yi Fan Li
Abstract: Due to Chinese air concentration of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) was increasingly from 2004 to 2008, and PCBs were banned in the past decade in China. With rapidly development of Chinese economy, the unintentional produced PCBs (UP-PCBs) may become the main sources of air concentration. We pay attention to investigate the production amount of different industries of different provinces in China. Through emission factor of different pollutant sources to calculate the weights, then using the fuzzy TOPSIS to assess pollutant emission, the results showed a strong and significant coefficient between cement production and emission, and between closeness coefficient (C*) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of different provinces in 2009, then we compare the total amount of emission to C* values in different provinces that found the order of emission assessment very approximately. Hence, the fuzzy TOPSIS methods can effectively assess the pollution emission condition of UP-PCBs.
Authors: Wei Lin Shi, Ye Fei Jin, Yao Ge
Abstract: We investigated the influence of rare earth element (REE) Ce on the surface microstructure of bivalves pearl in the scaled of micro and nanometer range by means of scanning electronic microscopy (SEM). And we discussed the relevant of surface microstructure and lustrous of pearls to the concentration of REE in culture water by analyzing the influence of additive REE on the surface microstructure. We found that pseudo-hexagonal relatively grow slowly when REE Ce was absent in the culturing water, and the pearls surface were mainly build up by spindly aragonite blocks. On the contrary, the pearls grow quickly when REE was added in the culturing water, and the pearls surface were chiefly composed of regular hexagonal aragonite blocks that is the most idea blocks in crystallography. The results show that an appropriate quantity of Ce will promote the development and growth of pearls, and enhanced the lustrous of pearls significantly. However, as the REE concentration is large, the blocks composed of pearls became to around, and oval dics, thus leading the roughness increasing of pearls surface and the lustrous decrease.
Authors: Rui Chen, Lian Xi Cui
Abstract: The absorption of carbon dioxide from nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen mixture was investigated in a hollow fiber membrane module using six different MEA-MDEA and PG-MDEA aqueous solutions mix ratios. Under moderate operating conditions, the CO2 removal efficiency and the mass transfer rate were studied on a pilot-scale test facility. The experimental results showed that when the higher MDEA proportion in mixed absorbent was, the lower the CO2 removal efficiency was and the longer efficient running time was. The optimal MDEA proportion in mixed absorbent is 3:2, which have high CO2 removal efficiency (99%) and long efficient running time.
Authors: Zhen Jia, Gong Zhe Chen, Cheng Yu Wang, Guo Liang Li, Xin Pu Wang
Abstract: This paper introduced common special effects of nano-CaCO3 with nanometer materials and prepared nano-CaCO3 using the raw material, CaCl2 and (NH4)2CO3 and surfactant, appropriate organic matter. The intermiscibility of Phenolic resin and CaCO3 was preliminarily researched and the distribution, morphology and size and of nano-CaCO3 were characterized and analysed by sample characterization methods.
Authors: Huan Bao Fa, Li Ping Zhang, Wei Yin, Jing Ting Zhou, Nan Nan Xu, Hao Yu Yao, Lin Zhu
Abstract: The monocarboxyphenyl cobalt porphyrin (CoMCPP) was synthesized and incorporated into carbon carrier acetylene black (ACET) for proton exchange membrane fuel cell cathode oxygen reduction. The influence of different thermal treatment temperature on the catalytic performance of the composite catalysts was discussed. The synthetic compound catalyst was analyzed by XRD、IR. The electrochemical catalytic performance of catalyst, which was heat-treated under different temperature, for oxygen reduction was tested by linear sweep voltammetry (LSV). The result shows that the best thermal treatment temperature is 6000C, and its catalytic activity also shows the best, the catalytic activity site changes from CoN4 to C-N-Co.
Authors: Li Ge Wang, Fan Zhang, Yang Zhang, Long Zhou, En Ze Wang
Abstract: A new type of pellet binder was prepared with oxalic acid as sodium silicate chemical modification agent in this paper, the compressive strength of which improved obviously. It improved from 0.6 KN/a to 2.4 KN/a, when the amount of oxalic acid is 8%. Meanwhile, carboxyl introduced at 390°C started carbonization decomposition, and pelletizing properties wouldn't be affected without new pellet impurity. The analysis shows that adding oxalic acid introduces carboxyl only in the binder, but doesn't generate new functional groups; Polymer layer formed by carboxyl adsorption on sodium silicate gel particle surface limits colloidal particle growing up, and plays roles of refining colloidal particle and improving the bonding strength.
Authors: Jin Sheng Liu
Abstract: The extraction characteristics of Thorium nuclide play a decisive role in Thorium migration in groundwater and soil. This paper takes a set of Thorium extraction experiments for some tailings dam according to the Thorium content in tailings. These experiments are to achieve the lixiviation characters of Thorium under different conditions so as to ensure the accuracy of Thorium migration in groundwater and soil parameters set. Experiments results denote that neutral conditions make the Thorium migration weak while acidic conditions enhance the speed of migration in groundwater and soil. Therefore, acidic wastewater should not directly discharge into the tailings, or migration of thorium will be greatly enhanced.
Authors: Shu Qiong Kong, Yan Xin Wang, Xiao Wu Huang, Cheng Wang
Abstract: Experiments were performed to investigate the As(III) and As(Ⅴ) removal on manganese dioxide. 0.5 grams of manganese dioxide was reacted at room temperature for 3 hours with 50 mL As(III) or As(V) in synthesized groundwater. Throughout the reaction, concentration of arsenic decreased from 1.25 mg/L to 0.70 mg/L in As(Ⅴ) system, arsenic removal was about 44.27%. While in As(III) system, concentration of total arsenic decreased from 1.92 mg/L to 0.85 mg/L, arsenic removal was about 55.85%. When As(III) reacted with manganese dioxide, the concentration of As(Ⅴ) in solution reached the maximum value for the oxidation of As(III) after 45min, afterwards As(Ⅴ) decreased slowly for adsorption on manganese dioxide. In regard to total manganese concentration, it was 1.25 mg/L in As(III) system, was about 1.25 times of that from As(Ⅴ) system, this phenomenon was due to the redox of As(III) with manganese dioxide.

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