Advances in Fracture and Strength

Volumes 297-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xu Chang, Junjie Liu, Chun An Tang, Yong Bin Zhang, Juan Xia Zhang

Abstract: Equally spaced opening-mode fractures always evolve in top layer attached to underlying layer. With a newly developed Material Failure...

Authors: Gyu Baek An, Mitsuru Ohata, Masahito Mochizuki, Han Sur Bang, Masao Toyoda

Abstract: It has been well known that ductile fractures of steels are accelerated by triaxial stresses. The characteristics of ductile crack...

Authors: Byeong Choon Goo, Sung Yong Yang, Jung Won Seo
Authors: J. Sun, L.H. Han, L. Li

Abstract: The ductile to brittle transition (DBT) phenomena in pure metal was reviewed briefly with the emphasis on effects of stress triaxiality and...

Authors: Jong Sung Kim, Tae Eun Jin

Abstract: In the paper, the validity of the modified mesh-insensitive SS (structural stress) procedure to apply to the welded joints with local...

Authors: Jeong Woo Han, Seung Ho Han, Byung Chun Shin, Jae Hoon Kim

Abstract: The fatigue life of welded joints is associated with crack initiation and propagation life. Theses cannot be easily separated, since the...

Authors: Han Ki Yoon, Dong Hyun Kim, Won Jo Park, Akira Kohyama

Abstract: In order to apply a reduced activation ferritic (JLF-1) steel to the blanket/first-wall structure of a fusion reactor, its fracture...

Authors: Byeong Soo Lim, Bum Joon Kim, D. Kim, J.W. Kim, Dong Bok Lee

Abstract: In this study, the creep-fatigue crack growth behavior was investigated at 600°C under the maximum load with various dwell times. Test...

Authors: Ja Myeong Koo, Young Ho Lee, Sun Kyu Kim, Myung Yong Jeong, Seung Boo Jung

Abstract: The mechanical and electrical properties of the Sn-3.5Ag solder/Cu BGA packages were investigated as a function of number of reflows. A...

Authors: Feng Jin, Kikuo Kishimoto, Hirotsugu Inoue, Takashi Tateno

Abstract: The linear ultrasonic technique has been extensively used as a powerful, non-destructive test tool for reliability testing and failure...


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