Environmental Ecology and Technology of Concrete

Volumes 302-303

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.302-303

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Authors: Ming Tang, Xiao Li

Abstract: The slag-alkali is used to activate the activity of higher calsium fly ash. By the designs of the mixture ratio and the quadratic regression...

Authors: Yuan Wang, Bin Liu

Abstract: This paper investigated a new type of admixture which can be used to enhance the resistance of concrete surface to deicing salt...

Authors: Xiao Xin Feng, Nai Qian Feng

Abstract: The mechanism of using mineral admixtures in concrete for suppressing alkali-silica reaction has been studied through analyzing pore...

Authors: Ya Mei Zhang, Shen-Xia Chen, Bo Chen, Wei Sun

Abstract: This paper presents a preliminary investigation on dry shrinkage, frost resistance and permeability of rubber included concrete. The results...

Authors: Ge Yong, Yuan Jie, Wen Cui Yang, Bao Sheng Zhang

Abstract: Frost resistance of plain concrete and air-entrained concrete subjected to freeze-thaw cycles in fresh water and 5 % and 7 % sodium sulfate...

Authors: Ting Yu Hao

Abstract: In-situ inspection and lab study were combined to analyze the prestressed concrete girders of an existing railway bridge built in 1976 in...

Authors: Gai Fei Peng, Sammy Yin Nin Chan, Qi Ming Song, Quan Xin Yi

Abstract: This paper presents a review on the effect of fire on concrete, citing 43 references. It was found that most of them are on the behavior of...

Authors: Shu Hua Liu, Kun He Fang, Zeng Li

Abstract: As high strength concrete (HSC) is widely used in construction, more and more attention has been paid to crack resistance of it. In order to...


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