Environmental Ecology and Technology of Concrete

Volumes 302-303

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.302-303

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Authors: Isamu Matsui, Atsushi Onda, Sachiyo Shinozaki, Eitou Kyo, Kaori Nagai, Noboru Yuasa

Abstract: The appearance of buildings and towns is ruined by graffiti drawn on walls made of concrete or brick. Much money and labor are spent in...

Authors: Xiu Hua Zheng, Bao Sheng Zhang, Yuan Jie, Xu Chi, Yong Zhi Guo, Li Juan Kong

Abstract: The influence of pre-wetted time on strength of shale ceramsite concrete is studied.Microstructures of both cement paste and interfacial...

Authors: Masashi Kawamura, Yoshio Kasai

Abstract: Soil-cement concrete can be manufactured by mixing portland cement, water and on-site soil and has been studied by the authors. This study...

Authors: Xin Wen Yu, Yu Hai Gao, Dong Hao, Shu Zhi Li, Lan Ying Wang

Abstract: Self-compacting concrete (SCC) has the environmentally friendly effect. The SCC can be prepared by using the technical approaches of “Double...

Authors: Keiki Yamamoto, Noboru Yuasa, Isamu Matsui, Toshihiko Hiaki, Satoshi Tanaka

Abstract: Supercritical water (SCW) has both the solvent power approximate to liquids and the transport properties common to gases. It is therefore...

Authors: Ming Tang, Xiao Li, Tao Wang

Abstract: According to abalone’s growth characteristics, artificial abalone reefs are invented in this paper. The trace elements are added in...

Authors: Feng Xing, Li Dong Huang, Zheng Liang Cao, Liang Peng Deng

Abstract: Based on experiments, the effect of various types and content of mineral admixtures and steel fiber on flexural strength and compressive...

Authors: Han Zhu

Abstract: Presence of crumb rubber can change the concrete characteristics in a significant way. This article presents some experience of building...

Authors: Jun Hong Shan, Ming Kai Zhou, Bei Xing Li, Ji Wei Cai, Fang Xu

Abstract: The Badong highway bridge over the Yangtze River is a grand bridge in Enshi, Hubei Province of China. Its deck pavement consists of C40...

Authors: Li Li Sui, Tie-Jun Liu

Abstract: This paper has summarized generally the progress of multifunctional, intelligent concrete, and the concept of intrinsic intelligent...


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