Environmental Ecology and Technology of Concrete

Volumes 302-303

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.302-303

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Authors: Eitou Kyo, Goro Shimizu

Abstract: The characterization of hardened concrete was analyzed by testing the weight change of water absorption. A simple testing method is...

Authors: Yan Shi, Kun He Fang

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to provide the credible evidence for existing theory. Rc、Rpl、 Rl and body shear strength of roller compacted...

Authors: Feng Xing, Xiang Yong Guo, Fa Guang Leng, Kun He Fang, Ren Yu Zhang

Abstract: Based on available test data and fracture criterion, by using probability fracture mechanics and mathematical statistical method, the...

Authors: Ri Gao, Zhi Min Liu, Li Qian Zhang, Piet Stroeven

Abstract: Reactive powder concrete (RPC) is a new kind of ultra-high strength and upper ductility concrete first developed in 1990’s in France. In...

Authors: Cai Jun Shi, De Hua Deng, You Jun Xie

Abstract: Hardened cement paste and concrete are porous materials. Most engineering properties of hardened cement pastes and concrete, such as...

Authors: Jian Yin, Yi Jin Li, Xiong Zhang, Shi Qiong Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, full-range compression tests were conducted on prisms of Old concrete, New-Old concrete and High-Performance Rapid Repair...

Authors: Zhu Ding, Zong Jin Li, Feng Xing

Abstract: A novel phosphate bonded magnesia cement was developed recently, which sets quickly and develops high strength in the early ages. In the...

Authors: Tie-Jun Liu, Jin Ping Ou

Abstract: Cement mortar of high damping ability has been maded by using styrene-acrylate emulsion as an admixture. The addition of styrene-acrylate...

Authors: Feng Xing, Liang Peng Deng, Zheng Liang Cao, Li Dong Huang

Abstract: Reactive powder concrete (RPC), which is a new cement-based composite material with ultra-high strength, low-brittleness, excellent...

Authors: Jun-Wu Xia, Shou Xiang Wang, Hong Fei Chang, Hua-Qun Peng, Long Jiang, Ping Ding

Abstract: The influence of GGBS (ground granulated blastfurnace slag) on concrete compressive strength is experimentally investigated in this paper....


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