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Authors: Wei Wen Li, Fa Guang Leng, Xiong Zhou Yuan
Abstract:The ASTM C1202 method is observed that the total electric charge passed is not an ideal indicator for classification of concrete quality when...
Authors: Zong Cai Deng, Hong Liang Deng, Jian Hui Li, Guo Dong Liu
Abstract:This paper presents the results of an experimental investigation to determine the flexural fatigue strength and fatigue life of concrete...
Authors: Yoshihiro Masuda, F.-R. Wu, S. Nakamura, S. Sato
Abstract:Exposure test on chloride ion penetration behavior into Concrete in coastal area was implemented. The distances between concrete specimens...
Authors: Ting Yu Hao, Yun-Ling Hui
Abstract:Two Reinforcement Concrete (RC) roof slabs, with a size of 1.5 m×6 m, suddenly dropped from the roof after 32 years service in a steel...
Authors: Gai Xin Chen, Fu-Tian Jiang
Abstract:Crack prevention is still a main consideration in dam concrete technology. This paper summarizes the author's understanding about the factors...
Authors: Gai Fei Peng, Song Hua Bian, Zhang-Li Zhao, Quan Xin Yi
Authors: Jia Jin Zheng, Xin Zhu Zhou, Shi Lang Xu
Abstract:Crack width is a significant parameter for assessing service life of reinforced concrete structures in chloride-laden environments....
Authors: Xiang Dong Wang, Dao Yuan Xu, Wei Xuan Zhu, Ai Min Deng, Zhen Bo Wang
Authors: Xin Min Huang, Cheng Yong Yang
Abstract:The influence of early-age crack on concrete cover was studied in this paper. Cracks in concrete increase the permeability of concrete, the...
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