Environmental Ecology and Technology of Concrete

Volumes 302-303

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.302-303

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Authors: Peng Chang, Qian Feng Yao, A Ping Wang

Abstract: Cracking behavior of reinforced concrete composite floor slab, which has a significant effect on durability of concrete structures, is...

Authors: Quan Yuan, Qian Feng Yao, Ying Jie Jia

Abstract: The use of composite materials in structural engineering is recent, and researchers need to investigate their behavior features. A new unit...

Authors: Bing Han, Yuan Feng Wang

Abstract: Based on the creep model of CFST members constructed with the Elastic Continuation and Plastic Flow theory of concrete creep and the creep...

Authors: Zhifei Shi, Tao Tao Zhang

Abstract: In the present paper, two kinds of thick-walled hollow cylinders are studied. One is the cylinder with multi-layers and another is...

Authors: Ying Jie Jia, Quan Yuan, Qian Feng Yao

Abstract: As a new structural system, MRSS (multi-ribbed slab structure) has some applications in multistory building. But theoretical investigation...

Authors: Er Yu Zhu, Chun Liu, Li He, Hong Wei Zhang, Nan Xie

Abstract: The paper presents a finite element analysis and static-load experimental verification on stress performance of corroded prestressed...

Authors: Ying Chen, Zhifei Shi

Abstract: In the present paper, a long thick-walled piezothermoelastic hollow cylinder under a symmetric thermal loading is studied. Based on the...

Authors: Bing Han, Yuan Feng Wang

Abstract: This paper discusses the suitability of using several creep theories of common concrete for creep of high-performance concrete (HPC). Based...

Authors: Gao Liang, Ke Ming Yin, Ge Yan Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, in order to do research on the characteristics of reducing vibration and declining noise of concrete floating slab track,...


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