Environmental Ecology and Technology of Concrete

Volumes 302-303

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.302-303

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Authors: Cui Hong Chen, Yuan Wang, Jing Huan Li, Heng Gang Jin

Abstract: To improve the anticorrosivity of concrete, an analysis was made to the corrosivity/anticorrosivity mechanism of concrete followed by some...

Authors: Yin Zhang, Qian Feng Yao, Yong Gang Ding

Abstract: In this paper, the study and application of an entirely new energy-saving residential building structure, whose wall is constructed with...

Authors: Wen Hua Chen

Abstract: A new kind of low-strength concrete is suggested to fill big caves to protect environment and ecosystem. The low-strength concrete have been...

Authors: Shun Guo Bai, Yong Feng Hou

Abstract: In recent years, with the extensive application of deep mixing method in reinforcing the soft clay, study on the basic properties of...

Authors: Wen Gui Wu, Qing Xia Gu, Jun Wang, Tie Ming Wu, Huai Li Lin, Ke Ping Sun, Qing Li

Abstract: This paper presents mix proportion design and the construction of the barite concrete structure, mixing, transportation and construction...

Authors: Jian Hua Wu, Xin Cheng Pu, Fang Liu, Chong Wang

Abstract: The emphasis of this paper is how to increase the 3-day and 28-day strength of high volume fly ash concrete. By some technical measures,...

Authors: J. Hu, Piet Stroeven

Abstract: In this paper, a mathematic morphology measurement with the name of opening operation was applied to section images for the assessment of...

Authors: Hui Su Chen, Piet Stroeven, Guang Ye, Martijn Stroeven

Abstract: Fresh model cement mixtures, with the same w/c ratio and particle size distribution, were simulated by the SPACE system that is based on a...

Authors: Masakazu Mayama, Masatoshi Harada

Abstract: This report presents a research on vibration absorption properties of coated cement concrete, by discussing the logarithmic decrement and...


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