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Authors: Liu Wei, Feng Xing, Lu Han
Abstract:The paper is one part of ongoing research on structural lightweight aggregate concrete. Lightweight aggregate concrete with compressive...
Authors: Yoshio Kasai
Abstract:The quality of RCA is influenced by the processing method and quality of original concrete. The general character of RCA, RCA and TR A...
Authors: Vivian W.Y. Tam, X.F. Gao, C.M. Tam
Abstract:The developments of recycled aggregate concrete pressing hard in construction activities; however, the limitations on their applications had...
Authors: Yi Jin Li, Shi Qiong Zhou, Jian Yin, Jun Li
Abstract:The subject of concrete recycling is regarded as very important in the general attempt for sustainable development in our times. Due to a...
Authors: Han Dong Yan, Guo Hui Huang
Abstract:The influence of aggregate to cement ratio(A/C), sand to aggregate ratio(S/A) and water to cement ratio(W/C) on mechanical properties and...
Authors: Shuzo Otsuka, Yoshihisa Nakata, Takeshi Saito, Hiroki Takahashi, Keishi Tobinai, Torao Kemi
Abstract:With increasing number of melting-solidification plants for the domestic wastes and incineration ashes, the resulting molten slag is now...
Authors: Cheng Hsin Chen, Shaing Hai Yeh, Ran Huang, Chien Hung Chen, An Cheng
Authors: Chien Hung Chen, Ming Chin Ho, Shaing Hai Yeh, Ran Huang
Abstract:The objective of this investigation is to evaluate the effect of surface treatments on cement-based materials, which include mortar and...
Authors: Xin Cheng Pu, Chong Wang, Chang Hui Yang, Zi Qiang Wang
Abstract:This paper researches on the feasibility of preparing ultra-high strength & high performance concrete with low quality fine aggregate, such...
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