Bioceramics 18

Volumes 309-311

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Haydée Y. López, Dora A. Cortés-Hernández, Sergio Escobedo, D. Mantovani

Abstract: In the aim to decrease the degradation rate of magnesium in simulated body fluid, pure magnesium was treated by two different routes, i) by...

Authors: Noriko Miura, Hirotaka Maeda, Toshihiro Kasuga

Abstract: Silica-doped poly(lactic acid) (PLA) composite hollow spheres containing calcium carbonates (Si-CCPC spheres) were prepared using...

Authors: Kawashita Masakazu, Yoshihisa Takayama, Tadashi Kokubo, Gikan H. Takaoka, Norio Araki, Masahiro Hiraoka

Abstract: Chemically durable microspheres 20−30 µm in diameter containing a large amount of yttrium are useful for in situ radiotherapy of cancer as...

Authors: Hanna Yoon, Yong Keun Lee, Bum Soon Lim, Sang Hoon Rhee

Abstract: Non-woven silica fabric was made by electro-spinning method for the application as a bone grafting material. The silica gel, the source...

Authors: Mina Hwang, Hanna Yoon, Yong Keun Lee, Bum Soon Lim, Sang Hoon Rhee

Abstract: The biological activity of osteoblast-like MC3T3-E1 cells on the newly developed non-woven silica fabric was investigated. The attachment,...

Authors: Ismail Peker, Faik N. Oktar, Murat Senol, M. Eroglu

Abstract: Chitosan is a deacetylated derivative of chitin, which is a naturally abundant mucopolysaccharide, supporting the matter of crustaceans,...

Authors: Chikara Ohtsuki, Takahiro Kawai, Masanobu Kamitakahara, Masao Tanihara, Toshiki Miyazaki, Yoshimitsu Sakaguchi, Shigeji Konagaya

Abstract: Apatite formation on polyamide films containing either carboxyl or sulfonic groups was compared in 1.5SBF, whose ion concentrations are 1.5...

Authors: Sang Hoon Rhee, Yong Keun Lee, Bum Soon Lim

Abstract: Effect of poly(ε-caprolactone) structure on the mechanical properties and apatite-forming ability of poly(ε-caprolactone)/silica composite...

Authors: Shinya Hayashi, Yukie Suwa, Kousaku Ohkawa, Hiroyuki Yamamoto
Authors: Akari Takeuchi, Chikara Ohtsuki, Masanobu Kamitakahara, Shinichi Ogata, Masao Tanihara, Toshiki Miyazaki

Abstract: Our previous study presented that sericin, a kind of silk protein, had high ability of apatite formation under a condition mimicking body...


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