Advances in Precision Engineering

Volumes 447-448

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kui Liu, Jian Hong Zhao, Kah Chuan Shaw, Hu Wu, Fern Lan Ng

Abstract: There are increasing demands for polymer based microfluidic devices as polymer devices can be mass produced using the injection molding...

Authors: Bing Hua Mo, Zhong Ning Guo, Yuan Bo Li, Chang Liu

Abstract: Resistance microwelding is an important microjoining process used in the fabrication of microelectronics, MEMS and medical devices. However,...

Authors: Anusorn Chakkaew, Wisut Titiroongruang

Abstract: This paper describes new electrostatic control countermeasures and solutions for critical electrostatic control environment for MEMS...

Authors: Numair Ahmed, Reza Saeidpourazar, Placid M. Ferreira

Abstract: This paper presents the design and development of a remote center of compliance (RCC) for a stamp holder for the micro-transfer printing...

Authors: Wonsei Rhie, Toshiro Higuchi

Abstract: The authors have developed a miniaturized peristaltic pump which is characterized by multi-channel, low pulsation, high pressure resistance...

Authors: Wei Lin, Wen Jie Chen, Choon Meng Kiew, Chuen Leong Ng, Hong Luo, Chek Sing Teo, Gui Ling Yang

Abstract: This paper addresses the limitations of current hot embossing machines for mass production applications. It describes the features of a hot...

Authors: Toshitake Tateno, Akira Kakuta, Kotaro Okui

Abstract: This paper deals with an orientation control method for micro objects, which have a size in the order of 100 micro meters, by using a board...

Authors: Chek Sing Teo, Chea Jack Ong, C.J. Ho, S. Huang, K.K. Tan

Abstract: This paper describes the design and proof of concept for an active eddy current damper which is integrated into a single-axis linear motor....

Authors: Hans Werner Hoffmeister, Kingliana Loeis, Bernd Christian Schuller

Abstract: The modeling and compensation of hysteresis in piezoelectrically driven systems are very important for positioning and noise and vibration...

Authors: Wen Jie Chen, Wei Lin, Hong Luo, Lye Seng Wong, Gui Ling Yang

Abstract: Coaxial alignment is an important process in the machining of cylindrical-shape miniature components with an inner bore. It requires...


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