Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 460-461

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Authors: Ming Ye

Abstract: Wireless sensor real-time control network is important construction part. With same Real-time system, this network need Real-time and...

Authors: Ying Shi Kang, Hai Ning Wang

Abstract: With the rapid development of internet technology, focusing on the product design of individual users, emphasizing the interaction design...

Authors: Bing Xiang Gui, Hong Wu Zhang

Abstract: the cloud computing has the potential of becoming a revolutionary technology that changes the way service computing is performed. This paper...

Authors: Bing Xiang Gui, Ling Ruan

Abstract: the face to global integration, highly integrated, highly competitive era, talent and technology has become the focus of competition, IT...

Authors: Yi Dong Xu, Jia Ying Sun

Abstract: Influence of recycled aggregate on slump, compressive strength and chloride ion permeability of recycled aggregate concrete was...

Authors: Jia Ying Sun, Yi Dong Xu, Jian Geng, Shu Min Ye

Abstract: In the light of heavy metal contents such as Pb and Zn in municipal sewage sludge exceeding the allowed maximum value of discharge wastes in...

Authors: Xin Jie Yu, Kang Sheng Liu, Yong He, Di Wu

Abstract: This work presented an approach for color and texture classification of green tea using Least Squares Support Vector Machine (LSSVM). Color...

Authors: Zhen Yu Shu, Guo Zhao Wang, Liang Zhong Fan

Abstract: In this paper, we present a fast method for segmentation of triangular meshes into simple patches. The method is suitable for commonly used...

Authors: Huan Da Lu, Kang Sheng Liu

Abstract: A novel hybrid method based on SVM and linear regression for short-term load forecasting was presented. It is well known that temperature...

Authors: Wen Qiong Yu

Abstract: This topic mainly makes use of the VC plait distance language, design and realization agreement according to the TCP/IP of C/S the...


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