Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 460-461

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fan Jiang, Zhong Min Xiao, Zhong Wei Liang

Abstract: VOC emission of plastic packing of automobile instrument panels to be harmful for personnel health, in order to effectively control VOC...

Authors: Jun Ming Hou, De Xu Yang

Abstract: Collaborative design is a new product development to react to the global market. Integration methodology of PDM and knowledge management is...

Authors: Jing Hua Song, Yang Yu, Ying Zhu

Abstract: Major factors in settlement generation can be summarized as four aspects, the natural environment factor, the social ethic factor, visual...

Authors: Shan Chai, You Gang Wang, Peng Cheng Wang, Li Jun Li, Xian Yue Gang

Abstract: The parameters and controlled dimensions of design objects have an explicit correspondence relation when the parameters are given different...

Authors: Guo Zhang Jiang, Jian Yi Kong, Gong Fa Li, Liang Xi Xie

Abstract: In accordance with the main flow characteristics of steel and iron production process, some problems are analyzed coming from the making,...

Authors: Zhi Gang Zhou

Abstract: The programming languages approach to von Neumann machines is defined not only by the study of thin clients, but also by the intuitive need...

Authors: Zhi Gang Zhou

Abstract: Authenticated algorithms and 802.11 mesh networks have garnered limited interest from both systems engineers and system administrators in...

Authors: Yan Liang Shang

Abstract: This paper proposes an improved HYT (IHYT) approach to achieve better load balance among substructures for better efficiency of the parallel...

Authors: Zhe Liu, Ke Jing Li

Abstract: Aiming at existing some problems, such as large calculation, not extensive category of defect recognition, and not accuracy of recognition...

Authors: Zhe Liu

Abstract: Aiming at current situation of absenting effective texture feature model for irregular defects of fabric image, this paper proposes a new...


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