Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 460-461

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhan Wei Du, Yong Jian Yang, Yong Xiong Sun, Chi Jun Zhang

Abstract: In this work, we have proposed a de-noise interpolation Kohonen Self-Organizing Maps(DNIKSOM) -based method for the Map matching(MM). It has...

Authors: Zhi Bin Xiong

Abstract: This paper proposes a hybrid algorithm based on chaos optimization and particle swarm optimization (PSO) to improve the performance of the...

Authors: Shan Chai, Li Jun Li, Ze Qing Ju, Yue Zou, Yu Zeng Zhang

Abstract: More and more engineers apply AE (Acoustic Emission) to research rock fracture and damage. Infrasonic wave could be used to forecast...

Authors: Sang Luo, Zhen Dong Qian, Chun Chen

Abstract: Crack is one of the major distresses in asphalt pavement. Although epoxy asphalt concrete demonstrates higher distress resistant ability...

Authors: Shu Tao Zheng, Zheng Mao Ye, Jun Jin, Jun Wei Han

Abstract: Vehicle driving simulators are widely employed in training and entertainment utilities because of its safe, economic and efficient....

Authors: Chang Shi Liu, Fu Hua Huang

Abstract: A two-stage hybrid heuristic is presented for vehicle routing problem with fuzzy demands in this paper, the fuzzy credibility measure is...

Authors: Dan Ma, Zhan Qing Chen, Ji Da Huang, Hao Jin Lv

Abstract: The quality of the miner lamp power supply (MLPS) affects the performance of the miner lamp, while the safety performance and quality of the...

Authors: Hong Li, Yu Zhang, Jian Ping Hu

Abstract: Flip-flops are main logic cells in digital systems, thus power-efficient designs are essential for micro systems, where ultra low-power...

Authors: Bin Zhao

Abstract: The gate rotor was a main part of the single screw compressor. In order to study the vibration characteristics of the gate rotor, wavelet...

Authors: Ji Qiu Li

Abstract: Logistics supplier selection is a comprehensive appraisal influenced by many factors and the key is to choose a method of evaluation...


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