Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 460-461

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gong Fa Li, Jian Yi Kong, Guo Zhang Jiang, Liang Xi Xie

Abstract: In order to improve the level of control and management of coke oven, the research on control and management integrated system is carried...

Authors: Gong Fa Li, Jian Yi Kong, Guo Zhang Jiang, Hua Zhang, Gang Zhao, Liang Xi Xie

Abstract: Green manufacturing is an effective way of realizing the sustainable development strategy. From the view of evolution of production chain...

Authors: Pei Feng Sun, Yong Ni

Abstract: It is difficult to do the fault diagnosis on the modern car engines which have high technology and complex structures. In this study, a...

Authors: Yu Yang, Shu Tao Zheng, Jun Wei Han

Abstract: To improve the fidelity of the motion cueing in the flight simulator, an improved adaptive motion drive algorithm was presented. In this...

Authors: Bin Chen, Quan Yuan, Ji Luo

Abstract: The observation of scanning electron microscope (SEM) showed that a tibia bone is a kind of bioceramic composite consisting of...

Authors: Bin Chen, Ji Luo, Quan Yuan

Abstract: Scanning electron microscope (SEM) observation on a mature shankbone shows that the bone is a kind of bioceramic composite consisting of...

Authors: En Zhu Li, Jia Ming Liao, Chang Lin Liu

Abstract: Sustainable development is a basic national strategy. According to the internal demand of this strategy of sustainable development, this...

Authors: Zhi Gang Qin

Abstract: This paper presents an empirical study the factors that influence financial performance of enterprises’ industrial diversification. The...

Authors: Yun Zhao, Xing Xu, Yong He

Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to classify four kinds of automobile lubricant by near-infrared (NIR) spectral technology and to observe...

Authors: Xing Li Liu, Ye Qin

Abstract: Currently, the shortage of engineering talent and quality of engineering education is a common problem all over the world. CDIO is a new...


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