Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology

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Authors: Yue Shun He, Jun Zhang, Jie He

Abstract: This paper mainly analyzed the principle of multi-source spatial data fusion, and expounded the multi-source spatial data fusion of the...

Authors: Yue Shun He, Ping Du

Abstract: Apriori algorithm is one of the most classical algorithm in association rules, however, the algorithm is low efficiency, such as firstly it...

Authors: Xin Lu, Xiong Xu, Jian Hu Wang

Abstract: Pre-coding type can be grouped into two approaches, unitary or non-unitary for 3GPP Long Term Evolution(LTE). Output SINR of unitary...

Authors: Jian Chen, Wen Rong Jiang, An Bao Wang

Abstract: The development of the BP NN is part of the research project of internet based intelligent supplier selection and evaluation system....

Authors: Peng Wang, Li Ning Xing

Abstract: Business use of Internet has exposed security as one of the key-factors for successful online competition. There are very few sound existing...

Authors: Peng Wang

Abstract: With the growing population of using public network, network intrusion events happened more frequently. Aim to the drawbacks of traditional...

Authors: Li Juan Zhou, Ming Sheng Xu, Hai Jun Geng

Abstract: Collaborative filtering is very effective in recommendation systems. But the recently researches have proved the collaborative filtering is...

Authors: Li Juan Zhou, Shuang Li, Zhang Zhang

Abstract: The student early warning is a type of the problem that involves intelligence factor and non-intelligence factor and indetermination factor,...

Authors: Yue Sheng Gu, Hong Yu Feng, Jian Ping Wang

Abstract: Intrusion detection system is an important device of information security. This article describes intrusion detection technology concepts,...

Authors: Xiao Feng Wang

Abstract: Wavelet analysis has become a popular subject in scientific research for twenty years. It has been a powerful tool for exploring and solving...


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