Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 460-461

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Han Yang, Tian Jie Cao

Abstract: The verifier-based key exchange protocol for three parties deals with the authenticated key agreement process between two clients with the...

Authors: Hao Ran Li, Jun Guo, Wei Yue Li, Bin Zhang, Yun Sheng Wang

Abstract: Many studies reported that servers become aging after running a long time and the efficiency of server cluster system will degrade. This...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Wang, Fei Liu, Li Li, Chao Hua Peng

Abstract: With a wide range of applications of free-form surfaces, the inspection of them is becoming critical, though it is difficult. A model...

Authors: Ji Xin Wang, Ji Yong Hu, Yong Hai Yang, Wan Jun Hao, Ming Yao Yao

Abstract: A continuous non-stationary load spectrum of wheel loader transmission was obtained from field testing by a special test system, including...

Authors: Ying Peng, Jin Ling Hou, Jing Wang

Abstract: Since the 90s of last century, learning organization as a new organizational mode is highly prized by the management scholars all over the...

Authors: Ying Peng, Zhao Yang, Jian Rong Xu, Fu Cheng Ming

Abstract: Today the industry cluster in developing countries comes to the bottleneck which is “big but not strong” because of excessive reliance on...

Authors: Xian Zhang Feng, Liang Ji Chen, Jun Wei Cheng

Abstract: Micro-electromechanical systems is called MEMS for short, it is the product of mutual integration for the micro-electronics and...

Authors: Rui Hua Lv, Wei Ya Wang

Abstract: Based on emerging issues and new trends in the production safety work, This paper will reveals the characteristics of production safety...

Authors: Qing Hua Zhang

Abstract: Taking some developed countries as comparative objects, the paper analyzed problems in the development of Chinese logistics industry, from...

Authors: Qing Hua Zhang

Abstract: In recent years, Chinese travel companies have been following the tide of adopting e-business service. However, the development of...


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