Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 460-461

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Authors: Li Ping Zheng, Guang Yao Li, Hua Jiang, Jun Qing Li

Abstract: The key of ontology mapping is to compute concepts similarities. In order to decrease errors, the computation of similarity should consider...

Authors: Chang Chun Li, Tian Hou Zhang, Hua Guan Liu, Jing Yu, Shi Feng Wang

Abstract: Combining materials handling and stacking operations, this paper takes the fertilizer bags as the object and studies on the image processing...

Authors: Gang Xu, Marnix Volckaert, Jan Swevers, Hong Zhou

Abstract: A new moving horizon model inversion method based on numerical optimization is presented to calculate the system input for a given system...


Abstract: The paper can be found under

Authors: Chun Fang Liu, Pei Ji Shi

Abstract: Land consolidation has played an important role in improving land utilization rate , ecological environment and the sustainable utilization...

Authors: Deng Yang Huang, Hao En Chueh, Chun Chi Lin, Chia Yin Chou

Abstract: This work aims to make use of information technology to improve present test platform, proposing TPIF(Test Process Integration Framework) as...

Authors: Bin Wang, Jin Kuan Wang, Xin Song

Abstract: Traditional radar systems are lack of adaptivity to the environment. Modern radar systems should transmit different waveforms according to...

Authors: Jun Huang, Liang Guo, Le Wang, Zhao Qui

Abstract: . On the basis of a case study of agent-based distributed computation, we develop a more integrative perspective on agent-based system...

Authors: Jun Tao Xiong, Xiang Jun Zou, Hai Xin Zou, Yin Le Chen, Quan Sun

Abstract: Aiming at the camera calibration of binocular stereo vision system, based on Zhang’s calibration method, the specified points in the...

Authors: Xiao Ling Yu, Xue Bin Li, Liang Zhao, Han Jun Ma, Guang Hong Zhou

Abstract: NMR was used to investigate the chemical shift graphs of fresh pork at different time postmortem, and at the same time the ice crystals of...


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