Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 460-461

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guang Yu Zhu, Jian Qing Zou, Peng Guo, Huai Ceng Zheng

Abstract: This article introduces a new calibration method for machine vision measurement system--calibration method using concentric circles planar...

Authors: Guang Yu Zhu, Lian Fang Chen

Abstract: In this paper, a multi-level method has been adopted to optimize the holes machining process with genetic algorithm (GA). Based on the...

Authors: Li Zhao Liu, Yuan Tao, Ying Wang, Mao Qing Li

Abstract: This paper has studied the impact of personnel changes within the organs and institutions, proposed a risk cost function and a...

Authors: Ke Liang Jia

Abstract: Word sense disambiguation (WSD) is always an important and difficult problem that requires to be solved in Nature Language Processing. This...

Authors: Hong Ye Xue, Wei Li Ma

Abstract: This paper studies the traits of Ant Colony Algorithm and BP neural network, at the same time it combines the ant colony optimization...

Authors: Gen Lang Chen, Li Feng An, Xiao Gang Jin

Abstract: Urban traffic networks (UT-Nets) and cellular metabolic networks (C-Nets) have many common functional characteristics and internal...

Authors: Yue Shun He, Jun Fang Xiao

Abstract: Among the many mining algorithms of association rules, Apriori Algorithm is a classical algorithm that has caused the most discussion; it...

Authors: Jian Zhang, Cai Lun Huang, Shao Wu Zhou

Abstract: In the view of the fact that the information of the fault characteristic of the train wheelset is submerged into the background noises and...

Authors: Peng Cheng Nie, Weiong Zhang, Yan Yang, Di Wu, Yong He

Abstract: Visible/near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is the millimeter wave ,It is the high speed and non-destructiveness method, high precision and...

Authors: Ping Ling, Qiang Yang, Xiang Yang You

Abstract: This paper presents an algorithm to develop neighborhood, and the first time applies it into multi-relational (MR) data. The proposed...


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