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Authors: Ping Sun, Hui Wang
Abstract: Electronic money as major trading and payment tool has become an irreversible worldwide trend instead of traditional bank notes. The Analytic Network Process (ANP) was used in the paper for evaluation of the E-money risk. ANP is a feedback and interdependence process developed on the basis of AHP.
Authors: Yu Li, Jin Shun Feng
Abstract: In this article, the notion of orthogonal nonseparable four-dimensional wavelet packets, which is the generalization of orthogonal univariate wavelet packets, is introduced. A new approach for constructing them is presented by iteration method. A novel approach for constructing two-directional biorthogonal wavelet packets is developed. The biorthogonality property of four-dimensional wavelet packets is discussed. Three biorthogonality formulas concerning these wavelet packets are estabished. A constructive method for affine frames of is proposed.
Authors: Peng Cheng Nie, Yan Yang, Yong He
Abstract: Middle infrared spectroscopy combined with chemometrics was investigated for the fast determination of protein of mushroom. 140 samples (35 for each variety) were selected randomly for the calibration set, whereas, 40 samples for the validation set. After some spectrum preprocessing, linear modeling method (PLS) and nonlinear modeling LS-SVM were constructed. Different latent variables were used as inputs of LS-SVM. The optimal models were obtained with 8 LVs based on LS-SVM. The correlation coefficient,,root mean square error of prediction for the best prediction by LV-LS-SVM were 0.9275, 0.25961. The result indicated that middle infrared spectroscopy combined with LV-LS-SVM could be applied as a high precision and fast way for determination protein of mushroom.
Authors: Lei Zhang, Zhi Chao Wang
Abstract: Traditional multi-level association rules mining approaches are based only on database contents. The relations of items in itemset are considered rarely. It leads to generate a lot of meaningless itemsets. Aiming at the problem,multi-level association rules mining algorithm based on semantic relativity is proposed. Domain knowledge is described by Ontology. Every item is seen as a concept in Ontology. Semantic relativity is used to measure the semantic meaning of itemsets. Minimum support of itemset is set according to its length and semantic relativity. Semantic related minimum support with length-decrease is defined to filter meaningless itemsets. Experiments results showed that the method in the paper can improve the efficiency of multi-level association rules mining and generated meaningful rules.
Authors: Bao Zhan Lü, Kun Liu
Abstract: Because of the problem of key joint or spline joint, the isometric polygonal profile connection was put forward, and the mathematical model of isometric polygonal curve was analyzed in this paper. Based on the periodicity characteristics of equivalent effective stress and total displacement in the whole structure through preliminary analysis, 1/3 structure of isometric polygonal profile shaft and hub was adopted during geometry model being established. The shearing strength in isometric polygonal profile hub and shaft, the main stress in hub and the total strain in shaft were calculated and analyzed based FEM.
Authors: Lu Gang Yang
Abstract: Efficient and reliable mobile interconnect protocol lays foundation for rapidly mobile networking of wireless Ad hoc network. Aimed at the contradiction between the requirements of practical application and the mobile IP protocol of Hierarchical Distributed Mobile Ad hoc Network (HD-MANET) in existence, one mobile interconnect protocol for HD-MANET was proposed based on the abstracted hierarchical distributed network configuration, which binds the commonness of mobile interconnect and the individuality of HD-MANET networking, so it can meet the application requirements of typical HD-MANET. Simulation experiment based on OPNET verified that the hierarchical distributed mobile interconnect protocol can greatly decrease network overhead and shorten the average time for node switching.
Authors: Jian Shi Zhang, Zhi Yi Fang
Abstract: Multi-federation interconnected structure is the support structure that adapts to large-scale tactical communication network joint training. It needs to organize the distribution and transmission of various kinds of data effectively to assure high efficiency training. Aiming at the information distribution problem of multi-federation interconnected tactical communication network simulation training process, the single federation structure and multi-federation interconnected structure were brought out. Based on the region discerption of training scale and data classification of data, aiming at the characteristics of network traffic, networking parameters and operation state data, the specific solutions were proposed, so that the information distribution in the simulation training was optimized
Authors: Qian Ge
Abstract: Every day, millions of users interact, collaborate, and form relationships with each other through avatars in online environments known as Massively Multi-User Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs). These online environments offer tantalizing glimpses of how millions of avatars interact on a daily basis outside of a laboratory setting and what users derive from that experience. In this paper, the demographics, motivations, experiences among Chinese MMORPG Players will be presented, analyzed and discussed.
Authors: Ping Sun, Chun Hui Wang
Abstract: Urbanization has been an increasing number of mentions. Urbanization is a double-edged sword that brings both opportunities and challenges to China, it is particularly significant to control the speed of urbanization. The study introduced ANP for analysis the factors affecting urbanization in China, an evaluation model was built when considering the feed back and the relations between those factors, index system was shown clearly.
Authors: Yi Chih Hsieh, Y.C. Lee, Peng Sheng You, Ta Cheng Chen
Abstract: This paper studies the optimization of hole-making operations with multiple tools in which a hole may require various tools to its final size. The objective of this problem is to minimize the summation of tool airtime and tool switch time for the hole-making operations. As known, the problem is NP-hard. In this paper, we show a property that any infeasible permutation of hole-making operations can be transformed into a feasible one. Based upon this property, we apply a PSO based approach for solving a benchmark hole-making problem with the number of feasible operation sequences up to 5.41031. Numerical results indicate that the applied PSO approach can find superior solutions for the benchmark problem in the literature.

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