Fracture and Strength of Solids VII

Volumes 462-463

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Peng Wan, Wen Zhi Wang, Mei Ying Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, a new bird model which combined the visco-elastic material properties and Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method has been...

Authors: Mohd Amin Hashim, A. Rahmat

Abstract: Soldering is the most important joining technology in the semiconductor industry, especially for IC chip packaging. The binary eutectic SnPb...

Authors: M.S.A. Samad, Aidy Ali, Mohd Khairol A. Arifin

Abstract: The usage of rubbers has always been so important, especially in automotive industries. Rubbers have a hyper elastic behavior which is the...

Authors: K.A. Mohammad, Aidy Ali, A. Oshkour, Sahari B. Barkawi, Shahrum Abdullah

Abstract: Tubular structure is extensively used from domestic to aviation kind of applications. Life and safety are most considered in designing tube...

Authors: Shingo Ozaki

Abstract: In the present study, the rate- and state-dependent friction model [Hashiguchi and Ozaki, 2008] is implemented in the dynamic finite element...

Authors: Chun Huan Guo, Rui Tang Liu

Abstract: The effect of specimen width on the contact state between the three-point bending (TPB) specimen and supports has been investigated with the...

Authors: Yong Chang Guo, Han Lin Huang, Li Juan Li, Jun Deng, Gen Quan Zhong

Abstract: External bonding of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) plates or sheets, because of their advantages, such as high strength to weight ratio and...

Authors: Meng Kao Yeh, Chun Lin Lu

Abstract: The thermal expansion mismatch problem for a chip due to temperature decrease from processing temperature to room temperature may cause...

Authors: Farzad Hejazi, Mohammad S. Dalili, Jamal Noorzaei, M.S. Jaafar, A.Ali Abang Abdullah, W.A. Thanoon

Abstract: In urban construction with the presence of tall buildings adjacent to short buildings, civil engineers have tried to connect low-rise rigid...

Authors: Hitoshi Takagi

Abstract: Environmentally friendly cellulose nanofiber green composites were newly developed by combining two dispersion-type biodegradable resins:...


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