Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 467-469

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Angela Javorova, Erika Hrušková, Karol Velíšek

Abstract: Assembly and disassembly is a new and also a rapid developed trend in manufacturing area. In the future the assembly and disassembly will be...

Authors: Yan Li Xu, Ling Ling Wang

Abstract: This thesis mainly studies Copula model and the application of the model in financial market risk management. On the basis of studying...

Authors: Reza Tati, Fariborz Ahmadi, Farhad Jafari, Mostafa Tofighi

Abstract: All of middlewares of modern wireless sensor networks has this weakness that many of these middlewares have the ability to simultaneous...

Authors: Xiao Ling Zhang, Bing Feng, You Qiong Cai, Hui Juan Yu

Abstract: In the present study, the feasibility of the poly(divinyl-benzene vinylpyrrolidone) as solid-phase extraction (SPE) nanoscale adsorbent...

Authors: Hyun Chul Ahn, Kyoung Jae Kim

Abstract: Demand for context-aware systems continues to grow due to the diffusion of mobile devices. This trend may represent good market...

Authors: Feng Wang, Xiao Li Zheng

Abstract: The fixed-point number arithmetic is always the key and difficult point of the computer organization. It is the basic knowledge of the...

Authors: Jun Li, Shu Lin Kan, Peng Yu Liu

Abstract: For the probability neural network (PNN) algorithm is the non-surveillance's pattern taxonomic approach, the work load major problem,...

Authors: Lan Yu Yang, Ying Li

Abstract: Processing technologies of superfine wood powder is a new field for wood the industry, while a new research direction is added for the wood...

Authors: Lan Yu Yang, Ying Li

Abstract: Wood powder used in fuel is an important part of sustainable energy, whose processing technology is a new research field for the wood...

Authors: Zhen Wang, Lin Huang

Abstract: There are a couple of inherent shortcomings which are hard to be overcome in single topology network; thus we propose a novel routing...


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