Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 467-469

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Jiang Geng

Abstract: According to the connotation of Scientific Outlook on Development, this paper constructs an enterprises scientific development performance...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Qi Xin Cao, Chun Tao Leng, Ao Lin Tang, Fei Shi

Abstract: The Walking Assistant Robots(WARs) developed by our institute are introduced in this paper. First, three prototypes with different...

Authors: Xian Zhang, Jian Wei He, Shou Jun Wu

Abstract: A fuzzy-PID temperature controller with excellent Man-machine interface was developed employing fuzzy-PID control theory combined with...

Authors: Jun Feng Zhao, Ye Ping Zhu

Abstract: This paper introduces the characteristics and requirements of speech recognition technology based on embedded platform. It also describes...

Authors: Jian Hua Ren, Wei Wang, Jian Guo Ren

Abstract: Methyl Cellulose (MC) is a kind of water-solubility and non-ionic cellulose ethers, which has been used widely. Currently, the small bulk...

Authors: Ya Wei Liu, Jian Wei Li

Abstract: In view of the poor anti-noise performance of traditional methods, the principle of camera calibration is analyzed based on calibration...

Authors: Bin Peng

Abstract: Crankshaft is one of the main components in reciprocating mud pump (RMP). Its stress significantly affects reliability and performance of...

Authors: Bin Peng

Abstract: CAD/CAM/CAE (3C) was effectively applied to twin-spirals scroll compressor (TSSC) from conceptual design to finished products in this paper....

Authors: Mei Yu Lv, Wen Jun Hou, Xiang Ji Li

Abstract: Through analysis of Traditional CAD software modeling methods, combined with process planning requirements of intelligent virtual assembly,...

Authors: Ya Hui Chai, Min Cao, Wei Min Xu, Qi Gang Li, Yan Heng Zheng

Abstract: FMM is an efficient algorithm in computing N-body problem. This paper firstly partitions the FMM into 8 procedures. Based on the analysis...


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