Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 467-469

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zao Bao Liu, Wei Ya Xu, Fei Xu, Lin Wei Wang

Abstract: Mechanical parameter analysis is a complicated issue since it is influenced by many factors. Closely related with the influencing factors of...

Authors: Xin Hua Yao, Zhen Ya He, Jian Zhong Fu, Zi Chen Chen

Abstract: Wireless sensors are increasingly adopted in mechanical systems to acquire and wirelessly transmit sensed information for machine condition...

Authors: Na Wang, Li Hai Wang, Hua Dong Xu

Abstract: A new method was proposed to determine the size and location of the internal deficiency of the standing trees using the acoustic velocity of...

Authors: Chao Zheng, Yi Sheng Zhang, De Qun Li

Abstract: The plastic sheet forming technique is simple and easy to realize, that is why, it is widely used for packaging commodities. Similarly, in...

Authors: Fei Yan, Wei Wei Guo, Zhong Ke Feng, Meng Lei Cao, Lu Lu Wu

Abstract: In modern forest measurement situation that lack of good accuracy, in order to meet the needs of precision forestry and realize the precise...

Authors: Yu Jiong Gu, Tie Zheng Jin

Abstract: Both low-cycle fatigue and high-cycle fatigue exist during torsional vibrations, but the impact of high-cycle fatigue has rarely been...

Authors: Mei Zhang, Jing Hua Wen, Zu Xun Zhang

Abstract: First the principle of BP Net Neural Works was introduced, and the Region Classification model based on BP Net Neural Works of Forestry...

Authors: Guang Ming Zhao, Xiang Rui Meng

Abstract: By the impact of coal mining, coal floor will produce distortion and damage, and make the damage zone which may result in water inrush from...

Authors: Yi Xiong Zheng, Lu Qing Zhang, Qi Bao

Abstract: We have developed a cell-seeded 3-dimension constructs tissue regeneration and used it successfully to repair defects of bone and cartilage....

Authors: Jing Lv, Zhe Bin He, Da Zhang Yang, Xiu Zhi Huang

Abstract: The trans-critical CO2 cycle usually involves a regenerative process. The regenerative process used in the trans-critical CO2 cycle is...


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