Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 467-469

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Liu, Mian Li, Hong Bing Ji

Abstract: In this paper, an improved threshold segmentation algorithm based on isoperimetric ratio for infrared imaging object is proposed. The...

Authors: Shi Quan Song, Hua Dong Xu, Li Hai Wang

Abstract: Larch lumbers were tested by using modal analysis technology and Frequency response functions (FRF) were derived. Modal parameters,...

Authors: Hye Jin Park, Dae Won Lee, Jae Wook Lee

Abstract: Implied volatility estimation is one of the fundamental tasks for asset pricing and risk management. In this paper, we investigate the...

Authors: Yung Cheng Lee

Abstract: Due to the well-developed technology and its variety of applications, the Radio Frequency Identifications (RFIDs) are widespread in a broad...

Authors: Xin Sheng Che, Jiong Wei Jiang

Abstract: In order to make concrete production more stable and efficient, a weighing and monitoring system is constituted which provides visualization...

Authors: Xin Sheng Che, Xiao Xue Gu, Li Wang

Abstract: Simple multimeter can not measure True RMS of power frequency if there mixed harmonic components. In order to solve this problem, a method...

Authors: Lan Zhou, Qing Wen Qu, Cheng Jun Wang, Hao Qian Zhang

Abstract: The finite element model of track roller assembly of the Pc200-7 hydraulic excavator were established by the finite element software ANSYS....

Authors: Bin Qin, Sheng Bin Yang, Ling Li, Xin Wang, Dong Yan

Abstract: The sludge dehydration plays a very important role in the modern sewage treatment process. In this paper the process of the sludge...

Authors: Hui Xin Liu, Chao Gai Xue

Abstract: In this paper, the effect of information sharing on the dynamics of a two-stage supply chain is investigated by switched system theory and...

Authors: Wei Jiang, Yu Fei Zhou, Jun Ning Chen, Fang Yuan

Abstract: This paper analyzes the working process of current-mode controlled Boost converter and finds that the system will produce the physical...


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