Composite Science and Technology

Volumes 471-472

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mohd Khairol A. Arifin, Nik Mohd Idham Nik Hassan, Mohd Firdaus Abdullah

Abstract: The study is intended to measure the reliability of MPV dashboard to endure interior impact by using finite element analysis (FEA) method. A...

Authors: Mohd Rashid Yusof Hamid, Ahmad Haji Sahrim

Abstract: Recently, research on natural fiber reinforced polymer composites has gained importance due to the abundant sources of fibers that can be...

Authors: A. Freeda Amir, A.R. Othman

Abstract: This paper presented the effect of constituent materials on impact damage and strength reduction of sandwich structure, composed of...

Authors: Robiah Bt. Yunus, N.H. Zahari, M.A.M. Salleh, Nor Azowa Ibrahim

Abstract: In this paper, the mechanical properties of carbon fiber polypropylene composites prepared under various process conditions were...

Authors: Soroush Sadeghnejad Limouei, Mojtaba Sadighi, Abdolreza Ohadi

Abstract: New Reddy-type elements based on Reddy’s higher-order theory are used in the analysis of composite sandwich plates with viscoelastic core,...

Authors: H. Akbarshahi, Mojtaba Sadighi, Morteza Shakeri, M. Mirzaei

Abstract: In this paper, to investigate energy absorption capability of hybrid (metal-composite) square tubes under axial loading, a new theory is...

Authors: Mohd Salihin Hassin, Palaniandy Samayamutthirian, Zuhailawati Hussain

Abstract: In this study, the formation of Fe-TiC composite through carbothermal reduction of hematite and anatase was investigated with various...

Authors: I.S. Aji, E.S. Zainuddin, Abdan Khalina, S.M. Sapuan

Abstract: This work is aimed at achieving optimum processing parameters for Kenaf/PALF/HDPE. Processing parameters like temperature, speed of rotor...

Authors: I.S. Aji, E.S. Zainuddin, Abdan Khalina, S.M. Sapuan

Abstract: Hybridization, especially where only variant natural lignocelluloses are combined, is fast receiving encouraging attention because it offers...

Authors: I.N. Hanifawati, M.A. Azmah Hanim, S.M. Sapuan, E.S. Zainuddin

Abstract: Natural fibre-based thermoset composites are generally lower in strength performance compared to synthetic thermoset composites....


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