Composite Science and Technology

Volumes 471-472

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Authors: R. Hawileh, Adil K. Al-Tamimi, J.A. Abdalla, M.H. Wehbi

Abstract: The applications of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) in construction have been grown drastically in the last 20 years because of the...

Authors: R. Hawileh, J.A. Abdalla, Adil K. Al-Tamimi

Abstract: Seismic retrofitting of reinforced concrete (RC) beams by means of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites is one of the...

Authors: Mohammad Hossein Heydari, Naghdali Choupani

Abstract: Delamination is a major problem associated with composite materials that reduce the stiffness of structure used in aerospace, marine and...

Authors: Mohammad Homayoun Sadr-Lahidjani, Mohammad Hajikazemi, Mona Ramezani-Oliaee

Abstract: Large deflection analysis of thin and relatively thick rectangular functionally graded plates is studied in this paper. It is assumed that...

Authors: Marzieh Ganji, Taghi Tabarsa

Abstract: The aim of this study is to investigate on manufacturing new tannin phenol-formaldehyde resin as adhesive in paulownia composite. For this...

Authors: Mohd Sayuti, Shamsuddin Sulaiman, B.T. Hang Tuah Baharudin, Mohd Khairol A. Arifin, S. Suraya, Gholamreza Esmaeilian

Abstract: The effects of subjecting solidifying particulate reinforced aluminium alloy matrix composite to various sources of vibration on the...

Authors: Mohd Sayuti, Shamsuddin Sulaiman, B.T. Hang Tuah Baharudin, Mohd Khairol A. Arifin, T.R. Vijayaram, S. Suraya

Abstract: This paper describes an experimental investigation of the tensile properties of quartz-silicon dioxide particulate reinforced LM6 aluminium...

Authors: Mahmood M. Shokrieh, Reza Mosalmani

Abstract: In this study, three relevant friction ‎forces: constant friction force, hydrodynamic friction force and coulomb friction force are...

Authors: Ali Fallah, Mohammad Hossein Kargarnovin, Mohammad Mohammadi Aghdam

Abstract: In this paper, free vibration analysis of thin symmetrically laminated skew plates with fully clamped edges is investigated. The governing...

Authors: Ali Fallah, Hamid Shahsavari Alavijeh, Abdoreza Pasharavesh, Mohammad Mohammadi Aghdam

Abstract: In this paper, simple analytical expression is presented for large amplitude thermo-mechanical free vibration analysis of asymmetrically...


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