Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Li

Abstract: Gearbox vibrations are random cyclostationary signals which are a combination of periodic and random processes due to the machine’s rotation...

Authors: Hong He, Cong Cong Wu, Tong Yang, Lin He, Dan Li

Abstract: Smart antenna technology can increase channel capacity, improve spectrum efficiency and enlarge cover area by using its spatial diversity...

Authors: Yu Chai Sun, Zhong Hao Cheng

Abstract: The research reported here examines heat buffering property changes of phase change materials used in textiles. In the study, six types of...

Authors: Xiao Hui Bai, Dian Zhong Wen

Abstract: This paper implement a nano-structure memristor which based on HP lab memristor.Using electrolyte compose method making Pt nanowires act as...

Authors: Hui Deng, Zhang Li

Abstract: Stochastic resonance (SR) enhances the nonlinear system behavior with the assistance of noise. The energy-transfer mechanism makes the weak...

Authors: Xiao Le Shen, Zhen Feng Shao, Hui Luo, Wei Cheng

Abstract: Shadows widely exist in high-resolution remote sensing images and affect image interpretation in certain degree. Improving the accuracy and...

Authors: Zheng Xiong, Zhu Xi, Zhang Li Jun

Abstract: Hexagonal W-type ferrite BaZn0.6Co1.4Fe16O27 was prepared by the sol-gel method. The formation,...

Authors: Tian Guan, Qin Gong, Tong Zhou

Abstract: In order to improve the pitch perception of cochlear implant (CI) users speaking tonal language, it has been suggested to frequency-modulate...

Authors: Guo Ying Zhou, Xue Jiao Li, Ting Ting Bu

Abstract: This experiment isolated a series of endophytic bacteria strains form the healthy Camellia leaves. And the strain L32 had significant...

Authors: Hai Ying Zhang, Dong Hui Chen, Yi Zheng, Jing Yu Qi

Abstract: In this study, biologically treated leachate was treated using PAC and PAC + PAM, respectively, to study removal efficiency of COD, SS and...


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