Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lu Sun, Guo Qun Zhao

Abstract: Surface matching technique is a key technique in automatic generation of 3D finite element mesh. In this paper, a surface matching technique...

Authors: Li Ma, Lu Ju He, Hai Bo Wang

Abstract: The heat convection was the main heat exchange in the autoclave by which composite pressure vessel was cured. To determine the heat...

Authors: Kai Mo, Qi Liang Sun, Hong He, Da Jian Zhang, Ming Feng Hou

Abstract: The data-acquisition of temperature is widely used in industrial control, household appliances, medical care, and other important areas...

Authors: Xiao Xin

Abstract: Given an undirected graph G=(V, E) with real nonnegative weights and + or – labels on its edges, the correlation clustering...

Authors: Xian Xiang Fu, Zu Jue Chen, Yong Fu Zhao

Abstract: Precise recognition of the weed by computer vision, furthermore raising the weeding efficiency, reducing the use of herbicide, and...

Authors: Zhan Ping Song, An Nan Jiang, Jiao Zhang

Abstract: The seepage of rock and soil is a common problem in geotechnical engineering, because of the uncertainty property of rock and soil, how to...

Authors: Chih Sheng Chen, Guan Yu Chen, Jing Wun Hong, Ji Rou Jhang, Jia Yi Liou, Syuan Zih Wu

Abstract: This research explores the relation between TW-DRG and pharmacological information by using the concept of data warehouse as a basis. It is...

Authors: Shao Gui Wu, Hong Xia Guo

Abstract: A dissipative particle dynamics simulation method is used to get insight into molecular-level details of vesicle fusion in this study. For...

Authors: Shao Gui Wu, Hong Xia Guo

Abstract: A dissipative particle dynamics simulation method is used to investigate the vesicle fusion behavior in this study, especially to probe the...

Authors: Lang Ming Zhou, Shun Yi Zheng, Yang Zhou, Qing Li

Abstract: A method for reconstruction of tooth model based on rotate scanning using structured light match technology was proposed. And an algorithm...


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