Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Ming Wang, Tong Hua Fan, Xiao Liu Yu

Abstract: Taking the wheel-legged lunar rover based on double-half-revolution mechanism as a research object, this paper has made a dynamics...

Authors: Yan Qiu Li, Shi Liu

Abstract: One of the key issues in ultrasonic tomography is the calculation of sensitivity and image reconstruction based on the sensitivity. A method...

Authors: Wei Zhe

Abstract: Key frame extraction is the precondition and fundamental of the video retrieval and video analysis. The method of key frame extraction...

Authors: Lun Wang, Jing Min Li, Jin Yao

Abstract: With the complexity of new products and devices increasing, the scheduling of semiconductor assembly and test producing line becomes more...

Authors: Guo Quan Zhang, Zhan Ming Li

Abstract: Aims at the problem that the threshold number and value are difficulty to determine automatically existing in multi-threshold color image...

Authors: Wen Ting Liu, Zhi Jian Wang, Qin Yan

Abstract: For improving the travel time predication accuracy, a travel time predication model based multi-source historical is proposed. The model...

Authors: Shuang Xu, Ji Dong Suo, Ji Yin Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, a method of palmprint segmentation and location is proposed. The proposed method focuses on region of interest (ROI)...

Authors: Fang Wen Li, Juan Yang, Song Jiang Ma, Nian Fen Wu, Mei Ling Fu, Hai Wu Jia, Qian Wu

Abstract: The effect of operating conditions, such as adsorption time, adsorbent dosage, influent pH and influent oil concentration, on the...

Authors: Li Qin Wang, Xiang Ni Yang, Xiu Li Zhao, Rui Jun Zhang, Yu Lin Yang

Abstract: The composites of expanded graphite with TiO2 (EG/TiO2) were prepared in the method of impregnation, the morphology...

Authors: Yong Ming Wang, Tong Hua Fan, Xiao Liu Yu

Abstract: Aiming at the sink problem of wheel-legged lunar rover with double-half-revolution mechanism when walking on the soft lunar surface, a foot...


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