Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiao Xing Li, Jian Mei Yang

Abstract: Absolutely grey number and grey function are important parts of grey mathemtics and the core is the covered operation. We defined absolutely...

Authors: Qiao Xing Li, Xing Sen Li

Abstract: Extension theory are widely used in many fields such as automation, manufacturing process, operations management and artificial...

Authors: Sheng Jia Zheng, Jian Jun Liu, Tie Jun Li

Abstract: In order to provide low power consumption LFSR seed for BIST structure,this paper proposed a seed calculation Methods of...

Authors: Jun Kao Liu, Tao Xie, Wei Shan Chen, Chang Hua Jia

Abstract: A new type standing wave ultrasonic motor is proposed in this study. In this design, three longitudinal vibration transducers are clamped on...

Authors: Xiao Xiang Su, Y.D. Gu, Guo Qing Ruan, Xue Jun Ren

Abstract: This study analyzed the plantar pressure distribution character as the foot position between normal to inversion. Eight healthy male...

Authors: Hai Sheng Song, Wen Ku Shi, Yan Long, Fu Xiang Guo, De Guang Fang

Abstract: Torsional vibration of drive shaft has a great influence on the floor vibration, Rational arrangement of phase of multi-universal coupling...

Authors: Qiao Sheng Hu, Feng Ni, Shu Guang Zuo, Jian Ping Lin, De Guang Fang, Fu Xiang Guo

Abstract: The automotive body system is not only a source for directly radiating noise into the vehicle interior space, but also a key component for...

Authors: Xiao Rui Zhang, Gang Chen

Abstract: Urban land use suitability evaluation is the basic work of urban land use planning and management. The evaluation method is a core in urban...

Authors: Fei Zhou Li, Yu Qiang Han, Bian Guo

Abstract: The effect of three different types dispersants on the stability behavior of alumina aqueous suspension were investigated by through...

Authors: Su Ping Yu, Wei Wei Mao

Abstract: Under the guidance of DBC theory, a new architecture, called Integration Testing Architecture for Contract-Based System (ITACBS) is proposed...


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