Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Gao, Yu Zhong Liu, Li Feng Fan, Qiang Li

Abstract: Based on the plastic bending theory, the influence of material properties fluctuations of pipeline steel on the air bending is discussed by...

Authors: Xin Xin Li, Wei Zhou

Abstract: To set-up a rate-dependent dynamic hysteresis model, eddy current loss in giant magnetostrictive material is represented by the loss in eddy...

Authors: Mei Yu Lv, Wen Jun Hou, Yu Jin

Abstract: The structure of virtual assembly environment and the pattern of response message was represented based on the Multi-Agent theory; the...

Authors: Xiu Qin Bai, Han Liang Xiao, Lu Zhang

Abstract: Large slewing bearing is a special kind of rolling bearing with heavy load and very low rotation speed. It is important to carry out faults...

Authors: Dong Mei Bi, Liang Qiao, Xiao Ying Hu, Wen Zhi

Abstract: The geometrical structures, the electronic structures, and the NH3 adsorption properties of pure and B-doped graphene have been...

Authors: Li Deng, Fang Qiong Luo

Abstract: In order to make a good decision in the projection investment, and the application of the projection pursuit model of particle swarm...

Authors: Qiu Yu Zhang, Zhi Peng Cai, Zhan Ting Yuan, Feng Man Miao

Abstract: Cross-domain authentication is a key technology used in distributed computing, however, it isn’t perfect. In this paper, a new type of...

Authors: Ya Jun Fan, Yu Guo, Chuan Hui Wu

Abstract: In order to change the current status that machine condition monitoring system is only generally applied to key equipments of large-scaled...

Authors: Xian Lei Cao, Ji Ping Hao

Abstract: Single-angle compression members with an eccentric load at one end were widely used in transmission towers, analyzing the stability bearing...

Authors: Guang Zhong Lv, Jian Zhang, Feng Wang, Guang Hong Yan, Xin Jun Zhang

Abstract: As one kind of oil expellant in improving the recovery ration of oil reservoir (EOR), CO2 flooding has merits such as extensive...


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