Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shou Ming Ma, Ru Chuan Wang, Ning Ye

Abstract: Pervasive computing applications aim to provide appropriate services that respond directly to their users and environments, with greatly...

Authors: Ti Feng Jiao, Xu Hui Li, Jing Xin Zhou, Yuan Yuan Xing, Jing Ren

Abstract: Two functional azobenzene derivatives with alkyl chains and different substituted groups have been synthesized and their photoisomerization...

Authors: Ti Feng Jiao, Juan Zhou, Jing Xin Zhou, Yuan Yuan Xing, Xu Hui Li

Abstract: A novel glycine-based Schiff base derivative (abbreviated as C16GlySb) containing long alkyl chain was synthesized from glycine reacted with...

Authors: Jun Tian

Abstract: Constant stress tensile creep tests were conducted on AZ91D–20 vol.%, 25 vol.%, and 30 vol.% Al2O3-SiO2...

Authors: Ming Yi Zhu, Qing Liu

Abstract: The noise of exhaust muffler is one of the key factors of the noise of the whole car. As a key member in reducing the exhaust noise, its...

Authors: Xi Feng Qin, Shuang Li, Feng Xiang Wang, Yi Liang

Abstract: In view of the influence of the projected range, the range straggling, and the lateral deviation of ions in materials on the property of...

Authors: Yan Guang Shen, Jing Shen

Abstract: We analyzed the attributes of software defects, and proposed a method of positive and negative association rules based on multiple minimum...

Authors: Min Chen, Chan Juan Yin, Yu Ping Xi

Abstract: K-means is a classic algorithm of partition clustering, its speed is very fast, well, the clustering result is very sensitive to the initial...

Authors: Qing Song Yan, Huan Yu, Chang Chun Cai, Bo Wen Xiong, Gang Lu

Abstract: In pressurizing process of vacuum counter-pressure casting, the pressurizing pressure and velocity are very important parameters. Through...


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