Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hang Li, Yong Hong Liu, Ya Zhou Wang, Jian Ming Ma

Abstract: In this paper, the lattice Boltzmann Method is applied to simulate incompressible steady flow around a cylinder. The simulation model is...

Authors: Shu Lian Yang, Jian Ting He, Cui Xia Sheng, Yu Zhang, Chang Wei Qin, Shi Bao Chen

Abstract: An on-line thermocouple auto-calibration system using wireless communication module for ceramic kilns has been developed. It is consist of...

Authors: Guo Fa Mi, Li Lin Chen, Bao Zhong Liu, Hai Yan Wang

Abstract: The Pro/E software was used to generate 3-D model of pneumatic hammer housing casting. The solidification process of the casting was...

Authors: Jia Wei Xu, Seop Hyeong Park, Xian Yun Fei

Abstract: Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system[1] is an advanced algorithm to estimate important parameters based on limited available information....

Authors: Zhi Gao Zeng, Li Xin Ding, Sheng Qiu Yi, San You Zeng, Zi Hua Qiu

Abstract: In order to improve the accuracy of the image segmentation in video surveillance sequences and to overcome the limits of the traditional...

Authors: Yong Ping Ai, Ying Ying Zeng, Li Jun Liu, Xiao Ming Huang, Tai Ping Zhou

Abstract: This paper is to study the influence of Ar+ energy of bombardment Cu target and low energy assisted bombardment on Cu-W film structure in...

Authors: Fa Gui Liu, Nan He, Sheng Wen Li, Fei Liu

Abstract: The continuous development of embedded technology has emerged an increasing demand of internet-based embedded software. The current existing...

Authors: Bo Sun, Sheng Hui Huang, Xiao Hua Liu

Abstract: Unknown word is a kind of word that is not included in the sub_word vocabulary, but must be cut out by the word segmentation program....

Authors: Jun Li, Qing Li, Jian Zhou

Abstract: Nowadays, the Evaluation Indicator Architecture (EIA) is needed to measure the development level of Industrial Automation Systems (IAS)....

Authors: Shi Wen Du, Yong Tang Li, Jian Jun Song, Hui Ping Qi

Abstract: The model proposed integrates process parameters including pressure and velocity and other important input parameters including the wafer...


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