Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jie Jin, Hao Li, Shen Hao Wang

Abstract: Prototypes with micro-pore structure were manufactured by stereolithography technology. The prototypes were injected with mixture of wood...

Authors: Jie Jin, Gang Huang

Abstract: Establishment of numerical model for hot rolled bar and analysis the changes from the discrete points on surface during the hot bar rolling...

Authors: Ou Yang Quan

Abstract: The diversity of mobile terminals makes M-Commerce’s development face difficulties. Web Services technology is an application communication...

Authors: Hong Wang

Abstract: In recent years, because the quality of chemical materials in markets exists large difference, we found concentrations of ZnCl2...

Authors: Jie Zhang, Yu Ming Bo, Chang Bin Ye

Abstract: Considering a class of networked control systems built around wireless sensor networks (WSN), the control method is carried out when the...

Authors: Yan Yan Zhu, Ze Bo Fang, Yu Zhao, Hui Yu Li, Jing Chen, Hai Jing Cao

Abstract: Amorphous Al2O3 doped Er2O3 films were deposited on Si(001) substrates by radio frequency...

Authors: Jie Yang

Abstract: A mismatch between the training and testing in noisy circumstance often causes a drastic decrease in the performance of speech recognition...

Authors: Jian Na Zhao, Xin Qiao Zhang

Abstract: Telecom industry, characterized by techno- economic, presents some features of scale economies and scope economies on the basic character of...

Authors: Zhi Wei Zhang, Lei Chen, Bo Feng Ren

Abstract: In the test system of intelligent munition, a test module of insulation resistance has been designed using the test resource of the system....

Authors: Z.Z. Wen, Yong Xiang Zhao

Abstract: A possible virtual dynamics method is developed to replenish the wheel-track contact force histories for assessing properly the vehicles...


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