Bioceramics 23

Volumes 493-494

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sevil Yücel, Ismail Aydin, Didem Özçimen, Bilge Sema Tekerek, Özlem Yıldırım, Aycan Kabakcı

Abstract: Bone matrix consists of organic and inorganic components. Organic phase mainly contributes to flexibility of bone while inorganic phase...

Authors: Kanji Tsuru, Akihiro Otsu, Michito Maruta, Alireza Valanezhad, Giichiro Kawachi, Akari Takeuchi, Shigeki Matsuya, Ishikawa Kunio

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate whether calcite blocks with high mechanical property could be obtained for a short period from...

Authors: Rumi Hiratai, Miho Nakamura, Akiko Nagai, Kimihiro Yamashita

Abstract: We have shown that hydroxyapatite (HA), which characteristics were similar to those of bone’s inorganic components, had polarization...

Authors: A.N. Uyumaz, L.S. Ozyegin, N. Buyukakyuz, B. Yesilbek, F.N. Oktar

Abstract: Clinoptilolite mineral which is a member of zeolite family has been recently used in medical and dental applications. Until today, it has...

Authors: Tapash R. Rautray, Kyo Han Kim

Abstract: Cathodic deposition of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite coatings on titanium surface was carried out under different magnetic field...

Authors: Shigekazu Mizokawa, Tomonori Arita, Akira Tachibana, Toshizumi Tanabe, Hiroyuki Oonishi Jr., Hironobu Oonishi

Abstract: Since 1985, HA granules were interposed on the interface between bone and bone cement at the cementation (Interface Bioactive Bone Cement :...

Authors: Xin Yu Wang, Ying Chao Han, Shi Pu Li

Abstract: In this paper, a simple precursor thermolysis method is applied to prepare calcium phosphate crystals and macroporous ceramic. The phase...

Authors: C. Mellier, V. Schnitzler, P. Deniard, Jean Michel Bouler, B. Bujoli, P. Janvier

Abstract: A novel gallium-doped -tricalcium phosphate (-TCP) ceramics with rhombohedral structure (R3c space group) can be obtained by...

Authors: Ilker Ozden, M. Ipekoglu, N. Mahmutyazicioglu, S. Altıntaş

Abstract: Pure hydroxyapatite (HA) was obtained by the calcination of calf femoral bone and was ground manually and by subsequent mechanical grinding...

Authors: Helena Marques da Silva, Ingrid Russoni de Lima, Paula Gil Patrício Bezerra, Gabrielly Peregrino, Gloria Dulce de Almeida Soares

Abstract: The knowledge of the degradation process is an important role to understand and predict in vitro results. Granules of...


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