Bioceramics 23

Volumes 493-494

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mamoru Aizawa, Takuya Miki, Yumiko Yasutomi, Michiyo Honda, Hideyuki Yoshimura

Abstract: Biological apatite presented in bone and teeth of mammals contains various minerals; thus, it has lots of defects with nano-scale sizes in...

Authors: J.A. Cortês, Elena Mavropoulos, Moema Hausen, Alexandre Rossi, J.M. Granjeiro, Gutemberg Alves

Abstract: Cell adhesion, proliferation and differentiation are important specific parameters to be evaluated on biocompatibility studies of candidate...

Authors: Elena Mavropoulos, Moema Hausen, Andrea Machado Costa, Silvia Raquel Albuquerque, Gutemberg Alves, J.M. Granjeiro, Alexandre Malta Rossi

Abstract: Carbonated apatite (CHA) is commonly considered a promising synthetic material for biomedical applications in orthopedic and dental surgery...

Authors: C. Isikli, N. Hasirci

Abstract: Addition of hydroxyapatite (HAp) into polymeric matrices and use them as supporting material for tissue engineering has gained attraction...

Authors: Heon Ho Jeong, Sang Ho Lee, Chang Soo Lee

Abstract: This study presents a novel synthetic approach for the preparation of cell attachable microfibers in microfluidic system. The synthesis is...

Authors: Aliassghar Tofighi

Abstract: The first generation of synthetic bone substitute materials, hydroxyapatite (or HA), was initially investigated as a “non self-hardening”...

Authors: F. Dombrowski, R. Hoffmann, Ute Ploska, Heidi Marx, Georg Berger

Abstract: The paper presented here deals with rheological and hardening properties during the setting reaction, and density and compressive strength...

Authors: Hiroyuki Oonishi Jr., Tomonori Arita, Akira Tachibana, Toshizumi Tanabe, Shigekazu Mizokawa, Hironobu Oonishi

Abstract: Antibiotics release impregnated in HA granules, which were used in IBBC to prevent infection after total joint arthroplasty, was measured. ...

Authors: Hironobu Oonishi, Hiroyuki Oonishi Jr., Shigekazu Mizokawa, Hirotsugu Ohashi, Masaru Ueno, Mikio Iwamoto

Abstract: To improve the fixation of bone and bone cement in THA we used Interface Bioactive Bone Cement technique (IBBC) since 1982. For prostheses...

Authors: Y. Nakashima, Michiyo Honda, Toshiisa Konishi, Minori Mizumoto, Mamoru Aizawa

Abstract: We have developed novel hydroxyapatite (HAp) cement, “chelate-setting HAp cement” on the basis of chelate bonding of inositol hexaphosphate...


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