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Authors: M. Karadge, Benedict M.B. Grant, Giovanni Bruno, Javier R. Santisteban, Philip J. Withers, Michael Preuss
Abstract:In this study we present a direct comparison between residual strain measurements carried out on the same inertia friction weld using...
Authors: Thomas Nitschke-Pagel, Hamdollah Eslami-Chalandar
Abstract:Investigations on welded joints of a low strength steel and of an age-hardened aluminium- alloy have been performed to compare the effects...
Authors: A. Kouadri, Laurent Barrallier
Abstract:This study looks at the effect of laser welding on residual stresses in sheets of moulded magnesium alloy (AZ91). The modifications are...
Authors: Peter Staron, W.V. Vaidya, Mustafa Koçak, Jens Homeyer, J. Hackius
Abstract:Residual stresses in CO2 laser beam welded AA6056 Al-sheets of 3.2 and 6.0 mm thicknesses were studied using neutron and high-energy X-ray...
Authors: Funda S. Bayraktar, Peter Staron, Mustafa Koçak, Andreas Schreyer
Abstract:In this study the distribution and magnitude of residual stresses in a T-joint of aerospace grade aluminium alloy weldment was determined...
Authors: Daniele Dini, Alexander M. Korsunsky, Fionn P.E. Dunne
Abstract:Microscopic and macroscopic deformation of a polycrystal due to an applied load can be modelled using crystal plasticity implemented within...
Authors: Christian Redl, Christian Friesenbichler, Volker Wieser
Abstract:Residual stresses are of great importance during the entire production cycle of high-grade steels. The use of modern tools based on the...
Authors: L.K. Keppas, Dimitrios Elias Katsareas, Robert C. Wimpory, N.K. Anifantis, Anastasius Youtsos
Abstract:Finite element prediction of residual stresses in a 3-bead letterbox-type repair weld is investigated in the present study. The repair is...
Authors: H. Qozam, J. Hoblos, G. Bourse, C. Robin, Henri Walaszek, Patrick Bouteille, M. Cherfaoui
Abstract:Welding, which is a largely used process in the mechanical manufacturing, well known to induce high-level residual stresses. The level of...
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